Zero-K: TA/Supcom-like Free-to-play RTS?


Graphics definitely look dated/worse than Supcom but I’ll definitely try it just because I need all the RTSs I can get.

It’s really great.

So has anyone played this? Looks like it has been going on for a bit.

Yup, it’s got great AI, a fantastic interface and fun gameplay.

Wow! You weren’t joking about Supcom-like.

You guys can play it now, you know.

So I assume it’s got tactical zoom, like in SupCom (it’s defining feature that most other RTS games don’t have except Ashes of the Singularity, I believe). I’ll try to download it and try it this weekend. I miss SupCom.

So is this really a “For The People By The People” thing, or is there some evil cabal behind it selling drugs to kids?

Am I missing a download link on that page? All I see is a link to the steam page.

Okay, shit, you USED to be able to download the game from their site. Weird. Sorry about that guys.

Yeah, my non-steam version still works.

Hey guys I expect more from you. Read the forum, maybe there is a post about this and maybe that post will contain a link to a download page. Really. Sheesh you disappoint me & you call yourself RTS fans?

aarrrghh, it doesn’t work!

We expected more from you.

I am really disappointed in @Tman

Sorry, bit of an oversight on our part! Updated/clarified the download page.

EDIT: Main website back to Steam-only download for now, for certain publicity-related reasons. Sorry again!

@Tman: What exactly doesn’t work? (The sole issue I noticed trying the download links was that popup blocker was catching the downloads)

i click on the dowload link:

and I get this message:

But nothing downloads…

On win10

Sounds like the popup blocker, yeah. Which browser are you using?

Chrome shows this in the address bar:

Firefox has a big notification bar you can click

Chrome. But I’m out and won’t be able to try anything new till later

Awesome, thank you!