Zero-K: TA/Supcom-like Free-to-play RTS?

Chrome. But I’m out and won’t be able to try anything new till later

Awesome, thank you!

I am guessing the non-steam and the eventual steam version will be identical? I am on hiatus until late May but once I get back I will be playing this. Keep me in the loop if anyone wants to try multiplayer.

Sins of a Solar Empire also. One of my favorites I still play to this day. (and some of the best mods)

Paging @legowarrior and @Otagan. Comp stomp material?

Certainly looks like it to me.

Yeah, I think my PC will run it. Throw it in the comp stomp thread, and we will probably play it.

This is good. Lot of options. I found it surprisingly difficult and the AI is challenging - I’ve just completed the first 3 campaign levels. I want to give some feedback, but I need to go back and try to understand if there is a better way of doing things before I suggest something that has already been implemented. After all, this was just the first 30 minutes, so I think I’ll get better and understand the game more.

To think this was done by die-hard fans just wanting a decent RTS and are not really looking to make money, is simply amazing. I’ll be donating for sure, how much will depend on how much I play ;-)

I know the campaign is supposed to introduce units to the player, but the one with the marauders just makes me want to uninstall it.

I should clarify this statement - it’s such an OP unit and there are hordes of them around, and trying to dance / lure them into an EMP is just a frustration that I’m not willing to put up with.

If I know which mission and units you’re referring to, the Scorchers are indeed pretty lethal.

You don’t have to only use the units from the current mission, though - some Reavers ought to be pretty helpful.

This game has taken me back to that golden era when LAN parties with Total Annihilation would take up a whole day. What a great game!
I spent last night eventually realising that turtling is definitely not the way to play this game. Defences are much more fragile than they were in TA, the lack of walls and dragons teeth also makes it a more fluid game.

Is anyone else getting weird artifacts happening from their flying units though? It’s an odd mirror effect that makes the plane display the ground texture over itself.

Finally got to install this and pleased see its an updated Spring as the Spring build has given me problems for years.

It took a while to get logged in and download some new maps and I found they are even the same sd7 files that Spring uses. I must get round to converting my TA maps to sd7 one day.

Just ran a skirmish and then played the tutorials so I could figure out some of the UI quirks. Watching the AI do all the micromanagement in a fight was actually rather interesting. The campaign sounds like the next thing on my plate if it introduces new units, particularly when there are so damned many of them.

I see there are at least 2 other ta style games on spring, balanced annihilation and nota.

I’ve done the first couple campaign missions, but I’ve been busy playing my mechs so haven’t spent much time on this. Looks like it could by comp stomp material. Up to 8v8.

Thread resurrection here. Stumbled upon this when I was looking for an alternative to Sup Com: FA (there are basically none).

The game seems to have so much depth. Every RTS convention you’d want is here. Huge campaign. And it’s free. Wow.

Anyone else here playing it?

Glad you found it! It’s really the finest RTS you can get today.

Wait, you can’t get Rise of Nation any more! Shit. That sucks! First Rise of Legends, and now Rise of Nations.

Oh wait, false alarm, you can totally still get Rise of Nations!

@BrianRubin, it’s not cool to scare us all like that.

But not Rise of Legends :(

Sadly, you are right. :(

Heck, I would settle on the old Lord of the Rings RTS games. I heard they were good.