Zombi - ZombiU, but not on WiiU


It certainly looks better.


Well, not like I have anything to play, Dying Light expansion is probably few months away, I might get this.
Does it have focus on singleplayer and decent story ?


Wonder if the game play will feel ok after the awesomeness of Dying Light. Not sure I can do room to room fighting anymore.


Single player. There’s a story. The big “thing” is that it has a roguelike lives system. Your character has one life. If you die, you come back as someone new. Then you have to go find your former self (now a zombie) and kill it to get your stuff back. I remember the melee being pretty weak.


Unfortunately, as GregB noted, you lose almost everything that makes it special by not having a second screen. :(



What if you can use a 2nd monitor on PC?


I don’t care about special. Is the base game good enough to be played on its own, without the screen gimmick? I’m really itching for some survival horror action and this apparently comes out tomorrow (although I can’t find it on steam or any other digital store, for that matter).


I would say no. You’re much better off either playing – or even revisiting – one of the Dead Risings or State of Decays.



Get State of Decay - the best Zombie / Base building / Apocalypse rpg I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.


oh - I forgot to mention, Dying Light, which is the best open world zombie game as well…it just doesn’t feature the basebuilding or multiple characters of State of Decay - its just pretty damn awesome.


I’ve played both SoD and DL and liked them both but I wouldn’t call either one a survival horror.

Have to say I’m a little surprised at the responses, game is almost universally praised over at GAF (Wii version though) so I thought it must be a cool game overall, not just because of the controller.


Why aren’t State of Decay and Dying Light survival horror? Because they’re open-world games? If you’re being strict about the definition of survival horror and if you’ve got a stomach for Resident Evil nonsense, I consider Revelations 2 a guilty pleasure. I sure do like the open-ended character leveling mode.

As for the controller in ZombiU, it’s pretty much irrelevant to the single-player. The only thing it does is force you to look at a separate screen to check your inventory. Which you have to do in other games anyway, but here it’s physically a separate screen.



No, it’s not about the definitions at all. I just didn’t feel even remotely scared when I played them :P. Good examples of survival horror for me would be something like Alien: Isolation or Stalker games.


For me, Dying Light is survival horror…during night on Hard difficulty. Otherwise it is an amazing action game.

I am interested in Zombi though, it looks quite atmospheric and the expansion to DL is still far away…
Gotta say the name Zombi is stupid though, everytime I see it I think of this.


Yep, Dying Light really nailed the night and day mechanics down, can’t wait for the DLC.


The physical looking away at another place and the anxiety it caused was what made ZombiU different for me. Other games do have switching screens, but it feels different. On the WiiU it felt like looking away from road for a second and the urgency of needing to get your eyes back up as you are trying to pick up that whatever that just fell on the car floor and then when your eyes come back up .00000008 seconds later you notice you are off center in the lane, 5 mph too fast, and a cop magically appeared in the review view from an open road of nothing in the desert. It’s like that, the heart attack and everything, except the danger is less real. Also in the video game, real life comforts sort of creep in as fumbling around that touch screen sort of creates a comforting amnesia that lets you keep looking at this other screen plenty long enough for a zombie to sneak up on you. I don’t really think of it as a gimmick; it was an effective feature of the game.

I’d expect that for a single screen experience, State of Decay is better.


This is one of the free games right now on Games with Gold, if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member.

As I said in the Xbox One thread, I was really surprised to find myself sucked in.

London is the perfect city to set a generic low budget zombie apocalypse game. In real life, it’s the most generic, boring major metropolis I’ve ever visited, which makes it perfect for a game like this, I think.

What really sucked me into this game is the fact that I’m dying so often, and that the death penalty seems so harsh at times. When you get on a roll with a particular character, and you collect all these items that can help you survive, and then you eventually die, you lose all those things that were still on you. Even if you find your old character’s zombie, you find almost nothing in their backpack. Not only that, that first run where you explore new areas? That’s the easiest run with the fewest zombies.

Pretty genius. There’s a huge incentive to use what you collect and stay alive, or next time you’ll lose what you had and it will be harder to get through the same areas.


Ah, interesting. I bought this on the Wii U cheap and still haven’t played it. I probably ought to before the nights start getting brighter again.


It’s superb on Wii U. Good use of the gamepad for inventory. Also, multiplayer is a hoot!


I’d like to play the multiplayer at some point! Sounds very cool.