Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Undead Nazi bullet time

Haven’t watched the video yet, but is it basically the same thing as the previous games but shinier?

This releases tomorrow on the EGS.

Is that a game that needs a 20 minute review? Seems like the title and say, one screenshot pretty much describe it completely :)

My four-word review: this game is awesome. It’s all the silly grimdark of classic zombie-killing with the earnest ebullience and gameplay variety of Strange Brigade.

Oops, I went over my word limit and accidentally tweeted.


It’s the day, so why isn’t it unlocked yet? I need to shoot zombie balls!

Played last night Coop with my kiddo for a few hours. It was somewhat fun. Playing on medium difficulty with 2 person zombie number difficulty and it was pretty easy until the final showdown where we just barely lost…Venice map. Need to up either the difficulty or the number of Zombies so it’s a little more difficult the whole way during the mission.

I love playing Coop with my kid so this is another one for us to just have fun together.

Still enjoying this off and on with the kid…we can only take so much so we play one mission (all parts) and then go back to Zelda or whatever for a week or 2, then back to this.

There are many difficulty levels where you pick the regular easy, medium, hard but then also how many zomibies you want in the mission. Enough for 1,2,3,4 people. We’ve been playing on Easy with 3 people zombie numbers and it’s been nail bitiing at times…a bit stressful at times…but pretty fun overall.