Zombie dogs of Pittsburg

This is awesome.

Too bad they can’t walk around while clinically dead.


You beat me…

Another story on the same


Edit: upon reading your linked article

Kochanek angrily denies he’s creating a race of zombie dogs fit for a Stephen King novel.

I can’t believe they asked him that :lol:

The idea that this would be a battlefield lifesaver is extremely dubious. How are you going to have the means of draining and replacing someone’s blood and keeping them cold out in the field? While simultaneously not having the means to do the required surgery?

You could have a vehicle dedicated to this setup, since it can be a stopgap for a whole range of “oh shit” situations. It might be useful on the battlefield, or on our highways here at home.

They should try this on PETA members.

28 Days Later SPOILERISH thing:

Wasn’t this blood-draining reanimation thing an alternate ending to that film? Not an alternate ending that was actually shot, mind you, but I seem to recall from the DVD that it was at least storyboarded and the DVD has some sort of nifty narration/commentary feature so you can sort of experience it.

I’m glad they didn’t go with it, because based on the premise of the film it makes absolutely no sense, but this article brought it to mind.

“The end is extremely fucking nigh.”


Its kinda funny how biased that first article is.

Practically every news blurb I’ve read of this has adopted the “ZOMBIE DOGS, SO SCARY” slant, so I guess most of the media is more interested in doing Land of the Dead tie-ins than offering any detailed report of the medical principle behind this. I can’t see the utility for battlefield casualties. Hospital patients yes, soldiers no.