Comedy zombie flick, looks like it might be a bit of fun.

That is just like a live-action Dead Rising flick where you find increasingly hilarious ways to kill zombies. Or at least that’s how I play Dead Rising anyway.

Just caught a preview of this - that looks like a damn lot of fun.

I’m really glad to see a new surge of movies like this.

I’m getting burned out on “over the top”.

Really? I feel as though everything’s been so serious lately. Like everything has to be grounded and sober. It’s nice to see more lighthearted.

Red Band trailer is up. NSFW!


Some lame quotes and some really funny lines.

Will watch.

Zombies = I will see it.

Okay. That one sold me.

Fucking win.

Fuck yeah, day 1.

That’s a fantastic trailer, I am all over this one. Funny, I had forgotten that there was an actual movie involved.

But who’s the guy who is not Michael Cera playing the Michael Cera part?

The dude from Adventureland, Jesse Eisenberg. And yes, he pretty much comes off as an older Michael Cera.

I always think about this when I watch zombie movies. Sure, I’d be fucked, trying to defend against the limitless horde. The point is that everyone is fucked eventually.

But there must be a few pockets of humanity clustered around the fifteen or twenty most badass dudes* in the world, who are so goddamn tough they’re never going to get got by some slow-ass brain-eating bag of bones. Who are these badass dudes, you ask? Badass dudes like Woody fucking Harrelson, obviously.

*The badass dudes can be of either gender, of course.

Now I remember what was bugging me: HERE

I have finally put two and two together. I remember laughing at that story.

Malcolm Tucker Presents: Simo Hayha vs. Zombies.

Great trailer. Looking forward to this.

Awesome. Now I have to find a way to get my wife interested…

“You are like a giant cockblocking robot developed in some secret fucking government lab.”

In my experience she likes it when I lite some candles and put on a latex Richard Nixon mask.

Oh wait… you meant in the movie.