Zone Alarm Pro?

What is the opinion on this program? I’ve been thinking of picking it up for some time now since I’m currently using nothing. Would any of you recommend this or is there something else I’d be better off going with? Thanks.

Yes yes yes. You would be shocked at the kind of access attempts that are consistently being attempted on your computer… reading the log files in Zone Alarm Pro is like the perusing the hypothetical check-in register chained to the desky of a Thai prostitute’s cervix. I recently got MSBlaster, basically because I didn’t have a firewall. Zonealarm Pro is wonderful, but even the free version should be good enough to give you a hell of a lot of protection. Go for it.

I would recommend a router over zonealarm, since you don’t have to run applications that could interfere with gaming software.

I ran the free version version of Zone Alarm for a while and then upgraded to Pro. I’ve had no problems with it conflicting with games or other applications. Just don’t get too paranoid about the amount of alerts you see in the logs, a lot of it can be caused by what ZL themselves call ‘internet background noise’ and quite a lot of mine seem to be random scans looking for Kazaa and EDonkey servers, neither of which I run.

With hardware routers (with built-in firewalls) now available for $35, why spend $49.95 for a ZoneAlarm Pro license that’s only good for a year?

Not to mention that, even if ZoneAlarm Pro isn’t interfering with games, it’s still suckin’ up CPU cycles that could be going towards your game framerate…

I didn’t pay $49.95, for ZA Pro, it was nearer $25-$30, I forget exactly how much, and where I live hardware routers cost a lot more than $35. The freeware version of ZA has the protection features of ZA Pro anyway, if price is an issue. I haven’t noticed any improvements in framerates or any other performance on the odd occasion I’ve shut down ZA, so I’d guess any processing hit is minimal, much less than that of a virus checker for instance.

I used to have Zone Alarm on my computer for 2 years. I loved it, but eventually after keeping up with the automatic updates, it started eating up too much system resources to run.

I switched to Sygate’s Tiny Personal Firewall. Much better on the memory side and matches ZA in security.

First, thanks for the feedback.

Now regarding the router option, how would that work with my lan? I have two pc’ setup for a home network, and have the second pc connected to the internet using ICS. Would this all work the same over a router as it does now?

I looked on Amazon, and can get a Linksys EtherFast cable/DSL router for $39 using the $10 rebate.



How’s your network currently set up? Are you going through a hub?

With the router, you’d connect both PCs to the router, then connect your cable/DSL modem to the router’s WAN port. It’ll handle the connection sharing; you don’t need ICS anymore. (Yet more cycles available to your games! :-)

How’s your network currently set up? Are you going through a hub?

Yeah, I’m using a Linksys hub. Going with the router dosen’t sound much different than what I’m doing now. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

Thanks again, everyone, for responding. I think I’m going to go with the router option.

Basically the router will replace ICS, so you might need to reconfigure the network settings on both machines.

Just a heads up. ;)

It’ll only take a few moments to reconfigure your network, and replacing ICS at the same time is a huge additional advantage to the router route.