Zoo Tycoon for PC and Xbox One


Attention animal game lovers!

I thought I would just mention that Microsoft has done a re-release with better graphics and extra content of the XBOX ONE Zoo Tycoon game in the windows store. The most exciting part is that it appears to be a PC game now too! Coincidentally it is also for sale at the moment on the store for black friday for $20:

(PS: I thought a new thread would be better than a necro as the old one specifically mentions it’s for Xbox One, which was why I was never interested in this game till now)




It’s like there’s an entire videogame/industrial complex that is conspiring to shatter Telefrog’s sanity. I’d feel bad for the guy if it wasn’t so funny!


Does Zoo Tycoon even hold up? Aren’t there Zoo Tycoon clones better than the original Zoo Tycoon?



Are there? Because after watching a couple of videos I admit I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on this myself.


The original zoo tycoon and zoo tycoon 2 are revered in this niche genre. The second one still has an active mod community that still play and add to the game. There’s actually an amazing free modpack for zoo tycoon 2 here: http://www.auroradesigns.org/site/

There are a number of clones. The only one that is popular and fairly recent is the wildlife park series. I haven’t tried them, but I believe opinions differ about whether to play that or a modded zoo tycoon 2.

The zoo tycoon mentioned in this thread is a franchise reboot that was only ever released on xbox one. It’s quite different to the original pc games, and reviews were very mixed. Yet, it’s still interesting to me and they’ve apparently fixed some issues so I’m most probably going to grab it.


Welcome to Steam!



And Windows 10. Up until Steam, I guess!


I was cursing @Tim_N for costing me money, but then I see this…


Not going down very well, it seems. All graphics, none of the depth of the originals, is the impression they’re giving. Anyone played it?

Can someone please make a good animal management game, thanks!


I know, right! In an above post I linked a modpack for zoo tycoon 2. If you go through the hassle it’s really quite good, modernises the game in a number of ways and adds content.

For this one, I’ll likely bite at 50% off. There is very little enclosure design in it from what I have read, but some people say if you keep expectations lowish you can have a fun time with it.


But my expectations have escaped my grasp and are currently floating above the clouds somewhere. I can’t take any more disappoinment! ;)

I’m so desperate for a good animal management game that I very nearly bought Jurassic World Evolution. It’s serious. Actually, there are a couple of others coming down the line, but I can’t remember their names. One of them looks less than serious (and great!).

Thanks for pointing out the zt2 mod, I’ll take a look.

I was about to lament GOG not having Zoo Tycoon 1 or 2 for sale, but it’s still available as a download from Amazon. I think I might give it a shot, the radical remake files look pretty good.


I finished the campaigns. I have no idea how the tycoon part actually works.

The animals sure are pretty though


Apparently this is the crappy Xbox version, not the original PC versions.


I’m not sure what you mean by versions.

Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2 were released on PC in 2001 and 2004. They look very different from the screenshots posted for this one on steam, and are mostly top down tycoon games.

This is the ‘Zoo Tycoon’ 2013 reboot game, originally on Xbox 360, then Xbox One, then to the Windows store, and now finally to the PC store. I wish they would stop rebooting games with the same title, which causes all this confusion.

I wouldn’t call this version crappy, it does lack the management/tycoon stuff of the previous games, but if you’re a lover of animals and the lack of customization isn’t a deal-breaker, I think there’s still probably good fun here.

For those looking for animal management and haven’t played Zoo Tycoon 2, seriously get it and install http://www.auroradesigns.org/site/projects/complete-collection/ over the top, it’s really good.


For classic Zoo Tycoon 2, is anyone aware of a fix for the wonky support for some common higher resolutions? It does something like letterboxing on many resolutions like 1920x1080.


Yeah, this is what I meant. ;)


They should re-release this game for VR. This was an early Kinect title, I bet it would translate well to VR.