Zookeeper - Help!


My kids and my wife want to watch this, so she’s bringing home pizza and I have to watch it with them.

Is it as absolutely horrible as it looked from the previews? I couldn’t even find a THREAD for it here, it barely seems to register as an actual movie.

I’m reminded of a funny little short clip where two guys were reviewing this as though it was a spoof review for a movie someone made up. I can’t find it now but I laughed because of how much I agreed with the sentiment.

13%, so I’d say yes.

You’re thinking of this special edition of Half in the Bag.

Adree has the right idea, only I’m not sure how you go about killing yourself after the rest of the family with those items.

I think poisoned koolaid is much easier and far less messy.

Quickly run around them, circling them with a brick wall. If any escape, jump over them. If you can jump over two or three of them at a time, that’s even better.

Is it…

… is it over?

Oh, God, I’m free!

It wasn’t as horrible as I feared, but it was REALLY a bad movie. It did have a lot of people I like in it though (Rosario Dawson!) and there was one moment where I laughed out loud (it involve peeing on a wolf).

But it’s over now, kids are happy because we all watched it together.

Sadly, the PS3 is now hosting Judy Moody or something for my daughter, so I can’t get back into Dark Souls. :(

I just barely escaped this movie tonight, but I had to watch Attack of the Clones, so you probably came out better then me in the long run.