Zootopia - Utopia for furries from Disney

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Voices by Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Tommy Chong, Jenny Slate, and Shakira.

Directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush.

Here’s the funny thing. One of the marketing companies hired by Disney reached out to furries.

Hello Furlife,

My name is XXXXXXXX and I am representing Walt Disney Studios. Our next film being released is ZOOTOPIA and it is about a world inhabited by animals all living in peace together. The pictures of the members of your group all looking like animals are incredible and align perfectly with the film. All of you could live peacefully in Zootopia. It would be great for you all to share these photos on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. You can take new photos of each other and share these new photos online using the hashtags #Zootopia and #ZooU. You can be representing ZOOTOPIA and the participants can receive film based items such as the poster and rabbit or fox crowns. This can be a lot of fun and your group seems perfect to participate. If you are interested start posting the photos today and email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Maybe the marketer just didn’t know what furries like to do in addition to dressing up as animals.

I am seeing this tomorrow. This look great, as in the nephew and myself should enjoy it.

The preview for this before Star Wars had me and my brother both laughing so hard. I can’t afford to go see this in the theater or convince my wife that seeing a cartoon is something adults do, but if I could do both those things, I’d go see it this weekend.

Yeah, this looked genuinely adorable/funny when I saw the pre-Star Wars trailer. Gf also loved it. Then again, she’s almost as delighted by sloths as Kristen Bell.

Will try to go see it sometime, but maybe we’ll just wait for it to hit Netflix…

Kids want to see this, and it’s on the agenda for the weekend. That sloth scene was terrific.

Very excited about the Disney Infinity figurines as well. My daughter will love them.

Wow, she’s voicing Priscilla in the movie as well!

OMG, thanks for that link, that made my entire weekend.

Loved the movie. Very entertaining, lots of political commentary that will go completely above the kids. One thing to note though if you have small children… there were about six children in the theater that pretty much freaked out during the “savage” scenes. They show some of this on the trailer, but the little girl next to me curled up in a ball and started whimpering in fear, which is how she would up kicking me on occasion for each of those scenes. i’d say she was 5-6. My nephew did fine though. So just know your kid… I’d say this was probably a little more scary than Lion King animal violence.

Kids are funny. My 4 year old nephew is the bravest little dude in the world. Loves Dinosaurs. Not scared of a teesny T-Rex, no way! Eats up Jurassic World like no tomorrow and thinks the Indominus Rex is tops. He has himself subdued countless many Dinosaurs, or so he tells me.

So we took him to a Dinosaur Petting Zoo! It’s a puppet show run here every year or so where they have a variety of really nicely built and operated dinosaur puppets introduced and wander around stage over the course of an hour or so. From little wallaby sized things, right up to a T-Rex and room sized Sauropod.

He was shit-scared of the T-Rex - a dude in a 12’ tall suit. A wonderful, convincing dude operating and performing in a 12’ tall suit, but it was still pretty charmingly funny watching the brave little dude cower behind his mum while it roared and pretended to chomp on a volunteer’s head.

I just got back from taking my kids to this. It was… um… good. Like, really good. Here’s my review: “Chinatown for kids”.

Saw it tonight, my daughter really enjoyed it whereas my 8yo son gave it a very horizontal thumb. Wife and I both liked it quite a bit, though its a bit heavy on its messaging there at the end. But it’s a good message, so I didn’t mind it.

Okay but here’s my question what are the carnivorous animals eating? BLUEBERRIES?

Saw this last night. Kids loved it and so did myself and my wife.

Favorite reference/“cameo”: Breaking Bad – “Walter and Jesse”

Liked this quite a bit. Funny how I’m liking the straight Disney animated movies more than the Pixar ones lately.

It was really, really good. But my 6 and 8 year old had to sleep in our room for a couple days. They found it very very scary.

Liked it. It’s probably my favourite among the recent Disney animation productions , i.e. Tangled, Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph and Big Hero 6. The characters and the world worked for me, and hey, no one broke out into a song. The voice work was decent, the animation done really well.

It’s really entertaining, but Zootopia is also playing it safe in some regards so that it can’t compete with Pixar’s best work, e.g. the more imaginative and inventive Inside Out. I also thought that both the plot and the message were really predictable. Didn’t hurt the entertainment value though. I also appreciated that there small variations in the famous sloth scene because I had seen that trailer probably 8-10 times in the past 3 months. No massive changes, but noticable enough to not have me tune out during that part.

As for the savage scenes: as I was watching the movie, I also thought that these parts might be a bit too much for some children.

Liked this quite a bit. I thought the animations–especially facial animations–were remarkable. Not sure if this is really better than other recent digital cartoons, but for some reason it felt like it to me. Great voice work as well, no surprise from Jason Bateman and Idris Elba. Jenny Slate was an excellent pick.

Although it wasn’t really the focus, I didn’t expect the world they created to be so varied, and they used it well.

I would love it if every other family movie out there wasn’t just a morality tale about inclusion and prejudice, but if it’s going to be that way, let them all be more like this one. It hit multiple angles on discrimination–from gender in the workplace to class stratification to fear of some due to, basically, terrorism. And it takes some dark tonal turns, which I appreciated. My kids weren’t bothered by the scary stuff (youngest is 7).

Thumbs up!

I thought the morality of Zootopia was pretty subtle for a kids film. When Hopps gets called up to do the press conference, I think even a lot of adults would have trouble understanding exactly why what she said was wrong. Inside Out, on the other hand, beats you over the head with its message (“It’s ok to be sad”, which is true, but c’mon… it was the basis of a 1st season Simpsons episode too). Inside out also kind of undercuts its message by being unrelentingly depressing throughout (“It’s ok to be sad, and we’ll prove it my making you bawl your eyes out for 90 minutes!”)

I’m just gonna go stand over here by myself in the “didn’t like Inside Out” corner.