Zyzzyx Road - the movie that no one saw


Apparently this movie was released early in 2006 in one theater in Dallas. It grossed 30 dollars according to Box Office Mojo.

What’s really strange is it stars the boobalicious Katherine Heigl from Gray’s Anatomy and Tom Sizemore. Not A-list actors but surely they could draw more than 3 or 4 moviegoers?

Wikipedia provides some more information about the movie. It doesn’t appear to be on DVD yet but I find myself compelled to see it.

For those not from California, there is actually a Zyzzyx road – there’s an exit for it off the 15 as it goes through the desert on your way to Nevada. Apparently there’s a town, too.

According to a recent update on CHUD, it seems that at least 7 people have seen it! o_O

Tom Sizemore is apparently all strung out from doing Meth and lost his money, so I wouldn’t even list him as B list anymore.

I’ve seen THAT movie, and I can guarantee this is not going to end well…

Let’s hope this wasn’t an attempt to theatrically release his sex tape.

For a minute, I thought this was Zzyzx which stars Lem from The Shield. Thankfully, it’s not the same movie.