10 things missing from Pinball FX3

Back in 2011, I wrote an article detailing the five Pinball FX tables I’d like to see. They were Star Wars, a Western theme, splatter horror, the Cold War, and Bioshock. Zen Studios must have been paying attention, because nearly half of those tables came out shortly thereafter! You’re welcome, world.

So it’s time for me to do my part in continuing to make Pinball FX better.
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I don’t disagree, but the phrase “like the Rome table” should never be uttered unless the words “but please don’t let it be” are right in front of it.

I bet Zen would challenge your Noir and Lovecraft demands with Paranormal, a table which marries the X-Files with slouch hats…

I would refuse their challenge! You will never find a google-eyed chupacabra in noir or Lovecraft!


So this is coming to Switch in a few days and it supports cross play.

These are great ideas. A killer noir table, I’m in. If they did a ton of dialogue samples, noir soundtrack/effects… and plot line choices.

Wild West Rampage eh?

…goes off to hunt for videos on individual tables

I love that photo.

“We’re about to starting [sic] keeping B-52s airborne again.”
“Eventually, you’ll need to make a spear to fight to [sic] the dinosaurs”