100,000 iPad 3g email addresses leaked


If you have an iPad 3g, you might want to strengthen your spam filters.

The email addresses were obtained in what appears to be a legal fashion by querying a public interface that AT&T accidentally left exposed.

Couple this with AT&T’s already dismal reputation for access, and the high profile of the emails released, this is a pretty big mistake. :\

“Spammed from my iPhone”

If the information included credit card information, this would be a disaster. But email addresses? Who cares? Just grab a new one.

Some of us like having other people be able to send us email. If you change your email address, that becomes more difficult.

And the fact that a lot of them are government/military emails, that’s a pretty big deal.

Goatse Security.

That’s awesome trolling.

I thought it was ridiculous until I heard that their tagline was “gaping holes exposed.” In that light, it’s strangely fitting.

Well you’re supposed to tell them your new email address, silly. :)

I’d rather change my phone number than my email address these days (of course, I’d much rather never have to do either).

For me, it isn’t just about getting your new email address out to people who mail you, it is about the fact that your email address is basically the de facto unique identifier token most websites use as your identity these days.

Having said all of that, this is not really that big of a deal and is only really news because the iPad is the new hot thing. This is a very minor data breach.