120hz LCD HDTVs and console games

Is there any reason why these wouldnt be awesome for gaming? I’m shopping, and just want to be sure it isnt going to intro some delay or something between inut and gameplay.

Anyone have one of these yet?


Based on my limited research, there should be no downside of using a tv with a higher refresh rate.

On the other paw, when it comes to technology I can’t tell my ass from my elbow, so you’re probably best off just ignoring me.

I’ve got the Sharp Aquos LC52D82U and I’ve noticed no problems with delay in Guitar Hero and Rock Band with the default timing, and I’m pretty sensitive to that.
Refresh rate seems more important - I have a 32" Aquos as well and I do have to muck with the timing in Guitar Hero. I got the 52" Sharp because of the 4ms response time