2 Muslims travel 13,000 miles across America, find an embracing nation

from CNN

“After 13,000 miles, I think that America still exists, and I’m happy to know that it does,” said Tariq, a 23-year-old American of Pakistani descent. “It’s really made America feel like home to me in a way that I’ve never felt before. The America that we think about [as immigrants] is still actually there. I’ve seen it! And I’m seeing it still.”

Everyone is nice to a potential terrorist’s face.</cynic>

I prefer Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

I think that most folks in the US, even backwoods rural America, are generally pretty cool to folks. They just aren’t ultra vocal in their anti-biggotted views.

You always see the nutjobs on TV, because they’re more entertaining to watch. Like that douchebag preacher with his freaking koran burning. WTF was the deal with that crap? Why does anyone in the world care what some idiot and his 50 retard followers do?

I’m just as cynical. As long as these guys are traveling they’re great. Now move into one of those nice neighborhoods and start holding services.

I thought this was the title to an Onion article.

Why on earth did I go to freerepublic to check their reaction to this? :(

This makes complete sense to me, I’ll be honest (and possibly naive). I think it’s easy to watch CNN or Fox News and get a ‘sky is falling’ attitude about the greater world around you. It’s also easy to be paranoid about the terrorists coming to steal your silverware when they’re just faceless concepts that you hear about from the talking heads on the evening news. When someone shows up, holds his hand out to be shaked and says, ‘I’m from Pakistan, pleased to meet you’ I think the natural inclination of your average American is still to reply in kind.

What a nice story. :)

Yeah, isn’t it?