2016 Game Frame Game

And here I thought I had to play the game myself to grab a screenshot :)

That’s ideal, sure. Especially if you choose a well-known game and want to get a screen that will make it more tricky. But with the amount of games done so far, it’d be pretty hard to always do that. Especially if you don’t have the game easily accessible on gog/steam/etc. Hell, I don’t even have a disc drive in my current PC. So for the most part, playing in this game frame game wouldn’t be possible for me.

Is this obscure? I don’t know anymore…

Lunar 2?

Nope. Not Lunar

Well I suppose someone else should hurry up and guess so you can post the next frame so I can post my next (likely wrong) guess. Honestly the only reason I know of Lunar is my college roommate.

So much for my other ideas!

Yggdra Union.


I was afraid my taste in games was too strange, so I’m glad somebody got it quick enough.

this is a game I bought twice (DS and PSP versions). The screenshot is of the PSP version.

Amazing SRPG with really, really weird mechanics (that work really nicely to make it feel substantially different).

I have also bought it twice (GBA, PSP/Vita). It is indeed neat. Of all the “heaven” games from Sting, this was the one I got the furthest along.

Good luck with this one! My first shot is pretty generous, I think.

I have no idea what that is, but I’ll say it’s a cool shot.

Final Fantasy XIV or something, the MMO one.

(Probably should know its name since I’m a subscriber tho’)

Kingdoms of Amalur?

Flower? Completely random guess, since I’ve never played it.

Pikmin 1

No correct guesses so far, but I like where the guesses are going. How long am I supposed to wait before posting the next shot?

It’s kind of your call. I don’t suggest doing it too quickly, like every couple of hours, but I don’t really like to wait a full 24 myself either, unless I get busy or just forget. I think 12-16 is pretty good, anyone really interested in the thread should be able to check it fairly frequently this day and age, I would suspect.

It’s your call, really. No hard rule. Most people post at least one frame per day, but some (like me) will post twice or even three times per day on occasion, depending on how many guesses there were, how hard/misleading/generic the current shot is, etc.

Guild Wars 2?