2017 Black Friday Deals worth mentioning


I will admit that my PS4 is much louder than my Xbox One.


From the US PS Blog: All the Black Friday sale items one a single page. This page says Uncharted Collection is USD 15.99. How did you get $8?

ob+1 Persona 5. I’d say go play this, and if you really like it, you can go back to play older Personas (3, 4) and other SMT games and just put up without the improvements P5 made.


It’s still $7.99 to me.


Me too


If I might offer an alternative to FFXV and maybe even Persona, this was my favorite JRPG game of 2017 by a wide margin, and I played FFXV. I enjoyed FFXV for a decent chunk of it, but the last half of the game soured me on it pretty hard.


In that case, I’ll go deeper on the FFX:

That’s the thread in which I gush on for a while about the best way to enjoy Final Fantasy X for a few posts back in 2006.


Anyone getting the 10" Fire HD from Amazon for $99?

I am tempted just for a mess around the house spare.

Love that tech is getting so cheap. We live in great times my forum friends.


Mine was just delivered yesterday. I’m really impressed so far. It’s not going to run most of the games/apps you’ll get on an iPad or even the Google Store but for a media consumption device that’s plugged into the amazon ecosystem his thing is a steal at $99! The build quality is solid the screen is great even at 1080p and it’s responive in daily use.


So anyone got their eye out for retail finds on Black Friday.

I think mine are simple:

Watch Dogs 2 - $12
Mafia 3 - $12

Both at Walmart.

Gamestop, if I do get to go there, does have the cheapest price I’ve seen for
CoD: Infinite Warfare Legacy edition (includes CoD: Modern Warfare Remaster) - $35.


Yeah, once I youtubed how easy it was to get the PLAY store installed, I just ordered 3 of them.

Crazy good deal imho.


Don’t trust that Youtube. When I got my Fire tablet, I tried following those youtube videos a dozen times, I could never get it to work. Never could get the Play store on there.

It was easy on the Nook I had previously for my wife. The Youtube videos were right on for that one. But the internet let me down on the Fire tablets. I can’t even install the Youtube app on the Fire tablet, since it doesn’t have the Play store.


I know there’s a way to get the YouTube app on the fire, I’ve seen multiple sources with how-to’s. I was able to get the Play store on my last gen fire so I’m pretty sure that’s still possible too.


Seems pretty legit.


Yes it’s ridiculously easy to sideload the Play Store on the new (and old) Kindles. I’ve done it on our household’s 5 (!!) Kindle Fires. Just do a Google search on “play store kindle fire” and follow any of the (reasonably trustworthy looking) links.


Wirecutter is the definitive source for true BF deals. You see, the majority of listings on dealsites like Slickdeals aren’t real deals. You’ll find a TV for $1000 marked down from $2000 and think “golly, what an amazing find!” but actually that TV sold for $1014 back in March. The Wirecutter does all that research for you and only links to deals of true substance.


Never heard of Wirecutter! Thanks!


It’s one of my favorite sites on the internet-- they do a ton of research and recommend the best choices in well, pretty much every category imaginable. Whenever I buy anything, I buy their recommendation and haven’t been disappointed yet.

They do a ton of work staying on top of deals around Thanksgiving and on other deal days like Amazon Prime day. I just refreshed the site and they uploaded within the past minute.


I ordered the Fire 10 last night, funny I was in the market for a tablet and the timing/pricing is just right.


@stusser my wallet does not thank you!


But but butbut it’s the best price ever on the objectively best lemon juicer you can buy! Don’t you deserve the most impeccably juiced citrus?