2017 Frame Game


Bingo! You’re up, @Fortitudo !


Love that game, almost picked it for my last frame. At work now, already picked out my next game… will post tonight.


Sorry it took so long… let’s begin



Typing of the Dead?


Nope, I suppose just the zombie is hard in this day and age. There are some more specific factors in each coming frames though, stay tuned…



A hat in time. I remember that girl from Tom’s monday stream.


Oh man, I was going to say Penumbre: Overture or Cryostasis! Haven’t played the latter and was only looking at it last night, bizarrely.


This frame might ring some bells if you’ve played the game…


Dead Rising… 3?



Lollipop Chainsaw? Semi-random guess based on a chainsaw and zombies.


Aww was it just the chainsaw and the zombies? I play very few zombie games and I thought there were chainsaws in all zombie games. I was trying to be subtle with the heart shaped cutouts in the chainsaw blade. I’d bet that’s unique to Lollipop Chainsaw.
But yes, Lollipop Chainsaw it is, take it away Kyosho!


Is that the Bayonetta of zombie games? Never heard of it, but boy, what a classy snap!


I love this game, there are a lot of good things in it but there are also things that are not good. Like I said before I don’t play zombie games so I couldn’t tell but regardless I’d hesitate to compare this game to Bayonetta.


Actually, the weird arms on the zombies (weapons?) were a bit wacky. Then I noticed the chainsaw, and thought “wacky zombies and a chainsaw” and since SadleyBradley had already guessed a Dead Rising, it’s the only game I could think of that might fit. I’ve never actually played it. Nearly bought it once. Still might some day.

Anyhow, onto the next one! And, apologies up front if this is a little low quality. Got it from a youtube video.


Quake 2


Nope, but I can definitely see why you’d think that.


Is it a glory kill from DOOM 2016?


Nope. Though, again, I can totally see that with the color palette and all.