2017 Frame Game


Maybe @Left_Empty wants to go, since he guessed so much of the game correct, without remembering the name of it. :p


Let’s assume he will and start guessing.




Ken’s Labyrinth?




Ooh, because I won’t have to make an image I get to play!

Lords of Conquest


Oh damn I figured it out! Guess I’ll have to wait for the next frame.




It’s @Left_Empty so it’ll be some Japanese game I never heard of. Maybe @Juan_Raigada knows it


@Skipper got it!
It was Archon


Your turn!




Lol that’s pretty funny.

Also, damn, I was about to guess Archon!


Another one snatched out from under me by getting here late!


Jeez, I knew you guys were fast, but this is ridiculous


Okay leading off with some retro look. Here we go …




Negative, sir. But not knowing what that game is, I’m imagining it is based on assaulting castles with lit bales of cannabis thrown from catapults? If you can’t kill the castle, you smoke them out?



(And yes QT3 forum spam filter software this is a complete and valid message in this thread)


No on that one as well. (I also didn’t know the forum marked repeated letter invalid.)


That would be a cool game, this one however is an endless rooftop runner.