2017 Frame Game


This is so… is that a carpet and some bushes and a fire extinguisher?
I know this is wrong but the first thing that came to mind was Firewatch


Dead Cells?








Are you going to make us guess “Spintires Colon Mudrunner”?


Well I couldn’t pick Spintires, it would have been a dupe, per the game’s very strict rules.

Here is the B1xx something, which is the suckiest truck in the game. Don’t use it to carry your wood, or anyone’s.


Fair enough! I can have a new game up tonight, but I’ll let @wavey sneak in without any argument from me if he can put one up before I do.


Thanks, but you go ahead - I felt like a bit of a cheat anyway as it was only due to the “muddy” comment that I thought of the game. I see from Steam I spent precisely 12 minutes playing the original, and I hated every moment of it - I’m sure it’s a fine game in itself, but it unlocked the kind of helpless stress I feel in real life driving over any decent amount of mud / snow / whatever.


New frame then!




Risk of Rain


Looks like Hyper Light Drifter.

Edit: hmm, maybe not… too detailed and round.


Good guesses so far!


Is that Titan Souls? I hated that game.


That’s it!


You got it! It’s Titan Souls.

I wanted to like it, but I got stuck, exactly here. The yeti boss is my brick wall.

@arrendek is up!


Pretty sure someone will get it from this:




World of Warcraft?