2017 Frame Game


99.9999% certain I’m wrong, but Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten?

Literally the only game my brain went to, but the UI and stuff don’t match at all, from what I can tell. I got nothing else.


Thank you for taking guesses, guys T_T

Nope, neither: it is a much more recent release, and I am getting the feeling I could reveal the whole screen and it wouldn’t help.


Yup, think I got that right!


I have no idea what this is, but I’m definitely intrigued by it. Unfortunately it looks like it plays in real time?


You may lose this round @Left_Empty, I couldn’t even find what this was using GIS.


Chroma Squad? I think I’m wrong.


Some weird old version of The Battle for Wesnoth?


Hehe, first thing I thought when I saw the screenshot… only I hoped for a weird new version!


It was from the tutorial of Lost Technology, a game recommended by @Juan_Raigada.
It is indeed real-time, a hands-off addictive RTS game, with a very light strategic layer reminiding of Koei games.
It is let down by horrible controls (an RTS without any keyboard shortcuts, basically), and a butcher work of an English translation, a bombardment of tongue in cheek jokes by someone who should probably work on his own game instead?

So, I go for another round…


Moon Patrol?


Tumduuumdum tudutudutudutudum!

That was quick!


Hah, I recognized it instantly too. I remember playing that one on arcades! I’m old.

Anyway, great pick!


Haha, yeah, those three balled bastards piss me off. =)

I’m struggling figuring out what to pick. Something super obscure, or a personal favorite game that will no doubt be figured out quickly?


I always pick games I want to talk about and/or share with people here, no matter how easy or hard they might be.


Ok, here we go. This is a game that I don’t expect to be figured out quickly, but it is personally significant for me at least…


Age of Empires 2


Looks like a light gun style shooter.



Definitely had shooting elements, but wasn’t light gun based. Mouse if I recall correctly.

Next hint – a protagonist (one of two) appears!


Alone in the Dark 3? I don’t remember the game being that high definition, or even taking place during the day for that matter.