2017: Whither Democrats?



Think about the average state that voted Republican in the 2016 election.

Mississippi is something like 15% more Republican than that.

Nothing to be done for it.


In fairness, i thought that Alabama was going to elect Moore, but I’m more certain that they are going to elect the crazy racist lady.

Being racist in Mississippi isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.


There was plenty of evidence in Alabama that Roy Moore was detested even by typical Republican voters. He was a flawed candidate who was very disliked statewide even before he ran for senate.

Cyndi Hyde-Smith hasn’t had enough time to build up that kind of disapproval equity, even given her recent statements.


Nate Silver seemed to think there was something like a ten percent chance given that there have been some special elections where the dems did win R+15 areas, but he didn’t build a model or anything.


I think part of it is that Moore being a pedophile actually outraged both parties.

In Mississippi, racism just doesn’t have that same kind of universal response.


Doesn’t make sense. They were so outraged that they almost voted him in as a Senator?


You have to keep in mind that the alternative was a Democrat, which is about sixes with a pedophile in their worldview. And no, I’m not really joking, either.


And Moore’s “issues” were not exactly a secret prior to his election. It was close despite the scandal making national news.


Nevertheless, she persisted.


It’s pretty sad that this racist hack is going to win today. But hey, they’re not going to maintain that bottom 5 ranking in education, health care, economy, and infrastructure without her help!


It’s sad that a racist hack like her will be (already is) a US Senator. Not that there isn’t precedent or anything, but I keep hoping that someday being a racist hack will disqualify people from public office. Sigh.


They probably look at graphs like that and say it’s “them” whose racist. Reverse racism! Or something like that.


They’re not racist, they’re racially conservative.


I swear I’ve been chortling on and off about that term for days now. I think it’s probably one of my favorite turns of phrase, in terms of its absurdity.


Not absurd. Cromulently conservative.


That sound you hear is absolutely nobody caring.


Please clap.


Well, damn…now who’s going to finish 5th in Iowa?


Puts to bed the silly argument that “I am a Republican but not a racist” nonsense that “moderate” Republicans have been clinging to.

No, if you vote Republican post 2016 you are a racist. End of.