2017: Whither Democrats?


Yeah, Biden isn’t as good a candidate as he is a potential candidate. People will love him until he’s actually running, then not so much. Besides, he breaks my rule about septuagenarians and the White House. No more cognitive function failure, please.


Some NH Democrats are trying to recruit Beto. His children are between 8-12, so I very much doubt he’ll run.

Of all the potential Dem candidates, Biden is by far my least favorite.
I predict whichever candidate wins South Carolina will be the prohibitive favorite (assuming CA doesn’t change it’s primary date, which if it does will change everything.)


Bernie is going to run, too, so be prepared for that shitshow. I don’t mind him so much, but his “fans” are the worst.


I agree with you on Biden as a potential candidate vs Biden as an actual candidate. When he’s actually got to give policy stump speeches, they’re just not real sharp or pointed. They tend to be pretty dull.


Beto/Gillum or Beto/Abrams. Fuck it, why not. I don’t see the old guard doing any better, and it’s possible to vault from a loss to a victory (see: Abe, Honest).


I thought Gillum was just a really good coventional candidate. Abrams, though - that girl has some magic progressive special sauce.


Pelosi/AOC ticket with an obviously doctored birth certificate for the latter. Let’s go all in and melt some troglodyte brains.




I am hoping for Klobuchar/ (someone young and charismatic). Beto, Gillum or many others would fit nicely.

I hope Bernie and Biden stay out. We need to get younger.


We need to change things so that those states no longer have such an oversized influence.

Seriously, FUCK IOWA RIGHT IN THE FACE. They fucking elected Steve King… repeatedly. Iowa is not representative of anything.


Have you considered, perhaps, abolishing the Senate?





Who knows if anything will or should come of it, but I have to tip my hat a bit to old-person “fuck it”-ness. I admire that point in a life when you just say what you think and everyone else be damned. It’ll be fun if I get there. Maybe a compensation for all the prostate stuff.


When it comes to the GOP, Iowa doesn’t matter. They elect the most “religious” idiot on the list every time.

When it comes to the Democrats, it’s a different story though. The bump Obama got from Iowa made people realize he could win a national election.


Which is weird really. Some Democrat has to win the Iowa Democratic Caucus, because it’s a Democratic Caucus; but that doesn’t mean the Republican Iowans hace endorsed that guy. Yet you see that argument every election year, ‘X is a better general election candidate than Y because X won the South Carolina primary’. Dude, the democratic candidate ain’t going to win South Carolina.


Not that weird. It showed that white mid-westerners would vote for a black man. Before that it was kind of assumed that they wouldn’t and that trying to run one would be suicide.

It’s relevant if a candidate can win in a state, generally speaking. Of course in other states it completely irrelevant. That Pat Buchanan can win with Iowa Republican Caucus voters means absolutely nothing because they’re mostly insane. Anyone with an R next to their name can win with those people. Democratic Caucus voters aren’t nearly as monolithic. They’d be considered more akin to Blue Dogs than anything and if they’re fine with a candidate, it’s a plus in their column.


Too soon?


Deval Patrick is going to say he’s not running either, as soon as tomorrow perhaps.


I miss Franken in a way that I don’t miss people like Louie CK.

That article is so funny, they quote a democrat who thinks he was treated unfairly, then a republican who (shockingly) thinks he doesn’t deserve a chance. I’d believe this more if their affiliations were reversed, but it’s all partisan, all the way down.

“There’s a big space here for Al Franken,” Jacobs said. “And it may well be the right timing because we’re past 2018, moving to 2020. Franken’s gifts as a communicator, his ability to counter Trump, plus that extraordinary donor base, are and will be in high demand. Plus there’s genuine remorse among progressives (who think) that he was unfairly treated, too harshly treated.”

“Even after being forced out of the U.S. Senate by his fellow Democrats a year ago, Franken seems to refuse to accept responsibility for his actions,” said Brian McClung, a Republican strategist who was spokesman for former GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty. “Eight women accused him of sexual harassment. While people deserve second chances and the opportunity to redeem themselves, Franken has a long, long way to go.”


Franken’s biggest problem is that there was actual photographic evidence of some of the stuff he did.

For a bunch of the republicans who did stuff like this, while what they did was worse, there was no actual camera footage of what they did… so they could deny the claims, however implausible those denials could be.

With Franken, he did in fact do exactly what folks say he did. There’s no chance he didn’t.

Then it becomes an issue of assessing the severity of what he did… but that gets a lot murkier.

Overall, it’s too bad, because I liked Franken. I respected the fact that he was one of the few folks in Government who actually did his homework. He actually expended effort to learn about shit, so that he could better make laws governing it. While, to me, that seems like a basic requirement of the job, I can only think of a handful of folks in government who do it.