2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

That looks like a sewer, and as we all know there is but a handful of games with sewer levels.

Dark Cloud 2?

Negatory. That sewer, though. No point denying that.

Legends of grimrock or whatever it’s called.




Don’t move, I know what it is, but the name won’t come.

Mushroom 11?

I’ll just say this is a game with an unusual hero, that it might be the pseudo-sequel to it, and that if not for sketchy physics, this could have been a freaking brilliant game but instead it is one of the most infuriating ones, which is why I may have discarded its name from my memory!

Gosh, I think I know it! But I’d feel guilty taking a guesh before the name comes back to you.

aaaah, geesh! thank you, and now I remember the famous guy who came out of that wumb, McMillen.
Aaah, so delivered. this was so frustrating… aaaah… don’t mind me…

You guys are crazy.:D I’ll give it to @Left_Empty. It’s Gish. Not the psuedo-sequel I think you’re referring to (Freegish).

@Left_Empty You’re up, bud.

I’m a little craftsman, I make my screenshots manually, pixel by pixel, it takes time (in this case, it took quite a little while).

Chrono Trigger?

No, but I appreciate the daring effort to take a guess with so little!

La Mulana 2

Ah, if only!