2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!

Welcome to the all new, all familiar 2019 Frame Game!

We’re going to try something just a little different, in an effort to get more folks playing - this year, I propose we don’t track what games have been guessed. I was just going through and the list looks woefully out of date, and it’s not fair to expect any one person to track it, nor for anyone who has a turn to have to remember to update it, either. Plus, there never really was a hard and fast rule about re-using games that have already been guessed. If you want to use a screenshot for a game already been guessed, go for it.

Second new change - if you want to take a guess, or you know the game, but are afraid to “win” because you would be up next to post a screen, you can instead PM me to suggest a game you want (or you can provide a screen you want to use, of course), and I’ll happily create screens and post them for you. Just let me know. I’m sure others would be happy to step in and offer this service as well.

Otherwise, the rules are simple, post part of a screenshot and give folks some time to take a guess as to what the game might be, and if no one guesses in an amount of time you deem fit (let’s try to avoid waiting longer than 24 hours if possible, however, or the thread potentially gets pushed down too far), post a follow up guess and rinse and repeat. Remember, you only win if someone guesses the game successfully, but in the spirit of competition don’t make it easy on us! Some of us are freaky good at this, so have fun with it!

I will kick things off with the first frame of the new year tomorrow morning!

Thanks for playing! The more participants, I think the more fun everyone will have.

EDIT: Thanks to @Pod we are currently (as of 1/3) up to date with the cheat sheet, so if you would prefer not to repeat a game, here is that list:

Note that it’s not necessary to worry about repeats, but some folks (such as myself) would prefer to use a new game if possible, so here we are!

I like the changes. Looking forward to the first frame of 2019!

My problem is basically I don’t play video games anymore! Hard to post new frames when I can’t guess even recent releases ;)

Oh don’t worry about that, games from ANY YEAR are permitted.

For instance, 1998!

Okay, let’s kick this year off with a classic.

Note, I also added as an official rule a bit about trying (as best as possible) to keep the gaming going by posting a new frame once per day, at the least. This is to keep the thread from vanishing under older threads, and it falling off everyone’s radar. Maybe the person whose turn it is could give the next frame or two to someone else to upload in the event they are away from their PC for a weekend, or on vacation, for example. Just an idle thought.

Anyway, that’s enough ado, here is the first frame of 2019.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Offworld Trading Company?


Some interesting guesses, but nothing so far. Maybe this will help?

Deserts of Kharak?

Out of date?! Bah, nonsense! I’ve updated the cheat code list here. It was stale by a mere 24 entries. And it lets us all know the amazing fact that the first frame of the 2019 thread is picture number 800!

Number 800!? That can’t be a coincidence. I think it’s a divine sign that the frame game should be played by all.

However I completely agree on people being free to re-use a game that has already been used before.

As for a guess: Close Combat 3 ?

Is it that scene from Spec Ops: The Line?

No correct guesses, but I know this game has been played here quite a lot over the years. I’m pretty sure there was even a thread dedicated to getting either some AAR or even multiplayer games going? In any case, I think this next screen should tip my hand enough for you guys to get it.

First, thanks for updating the list! I’ll edit it into the first post as a reference for those that prefer not to repeat games. Second, that’s crazy that we landed on such a round number. Also that we’ve had 800 games guessed so far.

Armageddon Empires!!!

Jeez man, that was crazy fast. I knew that little UI element would be the tipper. :)

I’ve already updated the cheat sheet and so you are all good to go! Congrats!

Damn, such a cool freaking game.

Indeed. One of the finest games I’ve played in any genre. @Vic_Davis is a genius.

Yes, what a huge shame Solium Infernum was never able to be released on Steam. I still play it.

The. . . Banner Saga?