2019 Frame Game - All Are Welcome!


It reminds me of a spaceship roguelite game Tom streamed a couple of years back (and didn’t like, because it wasnt good), but heck if I can recall its name.

I can’t believe @robc04 “cheated” yet Gigglemoo is being punished by having to go through another round with a game no one knows! :P

My guess is Spore.

Moo3 is a thing I will say

Star control origins

I picked one someone would get right sooner or later this time :)

So far no one is close. Let’s jump ahead a few frames.

Cargo Commander?

Good guess! Warmest so far.

WH40K: Dawn of War 2: Retribution: campaign screen?

Super stardust

Maybe I was wrong about people playing it.

One more frame after this - if no one gets it soon i’ll be giving it to @arrendek :)

It’s probably the forklift mini-game from Astral Chain.

Ack I don’t have anything prepared!

No man’s sky

Last one before I take the L.

Some kind of Starcraft 2 mod?

I think you can post the full frame before you call it a loss. Unless the name of the game is there I guess. :)

For an instant I thought it could be Mothergunship or something, but the UI is wrong.

Whatever it is, that is a pretty cool screenshot. I’m curious to know what game is that.

ooo I think I’ve played this. I can’t remember what it is though.
Maybe I’m getting it confused with something else. It does look familiar and I think I remember what I did in that scene.

Edit: Didn’t the player have to rotate the planets to get them in the correct alignment?
I was thinking it was a 3rd person game but your screenshot suggests it is first person, unless that puzzle went to first person view. I also don’t think it was a space game, but this puzzle was in some type of alien / futuristic section.