2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Yeah… this is a bit of an odd one. I’m guessing Switch maybe? Or Wii? Something about this makes me think motion controls are involved. But maybe not. Anyway, yeah, I’ve also got nothing.

It looks like characters playing hopscotch or something?

On the third floor…?

I only play Switch games, you should know that by now!

I’m also allergic to anime, so that should tell something about the out of this world quality of this game.

Pogo no Usagi: Kerokero Gaiden

Monster Hunter: Dance Off

Poggo-Pepper’s Platform Planet

Pfff, it was Hopping girl KOHANE Jumping Kingdom: Princess of the Back Rabbit.
Unlike the name, art, trailer and stuff may lead you to think, it’s an incredible single stick arcade game with a very simple and addictive gameplay loop of jumping on tiles and having them some sort of effect. I understand this concept dates back from a minigame in Monster Farm/Rancher.

It’s on sale on the US eShop for the month.
It’s not available in Europe for some reason.

I’ll post another amazing game screenshot when I’ll think you’re ready for it!

That game was giving me some serious Dreamcast vibes, only with cleaner graphics.

I feel ready.

I had one and I spoiled it :(

How about a different one?

That’d be too easy. I may have found a way to take better snaps though.

Still picture doesn’t do it justice.


I think the image has been corrupted during upload? :P

Hypnospace Outlaw

Zero Team

One very close guess.