2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Welcome to the all-new, all familiar 2020 Frame Game!

Once again, in an effort to get more folks playing, I propose we don’t track what games have been guessed. I will keep the link to the previous games in the OP of course, as someone may well want to keep it updated and others (including myself) like to double-check something wasn’t used before, but it’s not a requirement, especially if you have a cool or fun shot you want to use.

Once again - if you want to take a guess, or you know the game, but are afraid to “win” because you would be up next to post a screen, you can instead PM me to suggest a game you want (or you can provide a screen you want to use, of course), and I’ll happily create screens and post them for you. Just let me know. I’m sure others would be happy to step in and offer this service as well.

Otherwise, the rules are simple, post part of a screenshot and give folks some time to take a guess as to what the game might be, and if no one guesses in an amount of time you deem fit (let’s try to avoid waiting longer than 24 hours if possible, however, or the thread potentially gets pushed down too far), post a follow up guess and rinse and repeat. Remember, you only win if someone guesses the game successfully, but in the spirit of competition don’t make it easy on us! Some of us are freaky good at this, so have fun with it!

Thanks for playing! The more participants, I think the more fun everyone will have!

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Okay go:

ace combat 7 ?

EverQuest 2

Nope so far, I’ll check back tomorrow morning eh.

Ah heck I’ll throw you an early 2nd shot.

I think it’s a modern 3D game!

Anno 1800?




AC: Odyssey ?

It looks familiar, but I got nothin’ so far. AC: Black Flag? It does look like it could be an Assassin’s Creed game, so I’m stealing my answer from @lordkosc :)

Nope, as we all know AC died with Syndicate, and I took this screenshot. So it’s not AC anything.

I’m super generous and will skip a few that just show more water, because that doesn’t really do any good.

The Witcher 3?


Oh, right, there was that thing that happened with the calendar.

Uh, I’ll guess Skull & Bones, which isn’t out yet. So it can’t be it. Yep. I’ve got nothin’ anyway.

World of Warships