2020 Frame Game - Come Join the Fun This Year!

Demon’s Souls sure looks uglier than I remembered.

For the new one… Serious Sam 3?

A couple devices started having dead pixels, so I changed all my avatars for a few days.



Next update way later tonight.



Been looking for the name for 2 days, it finally came back to me: Book of Demons

A winner is you!


I think I actually left a negative Steam review for this game some time ago. If I remember correctly, the review went something like this: “This game is too easy, and there’s no reason to ever use more than a single skill, ever. Beat the thing in 10 hours using only one spell throughout.” And if that isn’t the review, that’s close enough.

I liked the aesthetics of the game, and the gameplay videos seemed to hold promise, but in the end it was much too simple for me.

I wished it had pad support when I played it. And then, when I couldn’t play it anymore, it had pad support.

POW Prisoners Of War?

Mmmm scanline games, no idea what that is tho.

Umm Rambo ?

The ninja star and gun tell me Shinobi? I had the villain costumes mixed up with Rolling Thunder.

Of the PCE kind even.

Another hole in one. I tried to sneak a major reveal in the first frame for a change, but that didn’t go unnoticed, nice work!

Okay, let’s see if anyone has seen this before -

The next one as I will not be able to post again until the morning.


Afraid not.

They do look like little buildings, but they aren’t little buildings.

It’s not Crackdown, but I want to say Crackdown, so I’ll say it: Crackdown.

Miami Vice? (C64 version)

Not Miami Vice and not Crackdown though I loved it in the arcade. Despite the basic graphics this was a pc game.

Yuppers, but there’s no way I’d ever be able to name it.

Mario Teaches Typing!

(is not as fun as Typing of the Dead)