2020 gaming year in numbers (SuperData study)

This document is published by a Nielsen company and contains lots of big numbers.

When it comes to free-to-play, Tencent is truly killing it. And it was interesting to me to see League of Legends make $1.75B and still lag half a billion behind Roblox.

They also cover the premium market where COD, sports games and the Sims 4 still earn big. But guess which other buggy December release makes an appearance?

Will read more in detail after work. But I thought this might be of interest to some here.

Half-Life: Alyx […] generated more revenue on its own than all PC VR games combined in 2019.


Nice, thanks for posting!

There’s a couple of subtleties there.

First, Roblox is in the process of going public and had to release their financials. So we actually know what their real numbers are, and they don’t line up very well with the analyst guesstimates. For the first 9 months of 2020, the Roblox bookings were $1.2B. It seems quite unlikely that they would have added another $1.1B on top of that in the last quarter.

Second, Roblox has the problem that they’re not selling content but they’re selling virtual currency that can be spent later. They can’t recognize the unspent virtual currency as revenue, so their actual revenue was just half the bookings.

Third, their business model is kind of odd since the thing you’d do with the virtual currency is buy mods made by users. They basically pay the mod developers a third of their revenue (not sure whether it’s a third before or after the App Store / Play Store cut).

This is the year of Linux on desktop!