2021 Game Frame Game - All Skill Levels Welcome!

The Shadowgate remake from a few years back?

You got it.

And another screeny:

Thought that torch looked familiar! Nice. Very nice Halloween shot, too.

Alrighty, next game:



Its apparently a racing game that no one played. :)

You may be right. I thought this was fairly popular. Maybe it wasn’t. Let’s go with this one last screen, which is barely hiding anything at this point. If no one gets it, I’ll post the whole thing.

it’s too evolved for most classic games, too busy too. Final Lap 3?

Due to the timing of your post, you may guess again. It is not Final Lap 3.

Oh it’s just mode 7 bad perspective, not relief, hmm…
There was a super popular mario kart clone in Europe, but I forgot its name.

Street Racer, that was the name, tells me an old magazine list. Haha, what a stupid name. Good luck googling that.

I actually have Street Racer for SNES. It’s not bad. Only in recent years did I realize it was on a bunch of other systems as well. This is not Street Racer, however.

I think it was. I recognize it, but I have no idea what the name is.

Oof. Alright, I’m’a put this whole shot here and hope some one gets it before I gotta head out in the morning. If not, I might need to call in our pinch hitter to take the turn.

Not Luigi, the twist :0

I’ll save you: wacky wheels

Yes, Wacky Wheels. Thanks. You’re up.

Now, I gotta wonder, if I’d posted this instead, would anyone have known it?

Image taken from a video by Ancient DOS Games (hence the watermark). This is Skunny Kart, the game made after stealing the early source code to Wacky Wheels. Watch that video if you want more details. I often wondered if maybe Skunny Kart got around more in the Shareware circles. I certainly came across it first back in the day.

Not me, I haven’t heard of that before. I was just a big fan of Apogee.

It’s time for more Klax