2022 - Year of the Monkeypox

Apparently a case in Portugal has now been fully sequenced and appears to be identical to a strain from 2018. Meaning that – at least based on this first draft of data – there is no mutation in the virus that would make it more transmissible.

The current theory is that it is being spread mostly through male - male sexual activity, possibly all with the same source event or occurrence.

That’s all good news, as it makes the main focus (for now) one of public health education and awareness.

Though “monkeypox” has to win some award for “Best Viral Disease Name” or something.

Butt stuff:

Over 19,000 confirmed cases now, including more than 1000 in New York City alone.

From 100 cases in 10 countries to 19,000 cases in 75 countries over the course of two months.

I just don’t see a situation where this doesn’t end up an endemic viral STD, like herpes or HPV.

Yeah. My understanding is that it is transmissible via simple skin to skin contact. Also by towels and such. But sex is the primary vector.

Is this something we should all be getting a vaccine for? I mean one exists, right? I’m not hanging out in bathhouse but I’ve got no problem getting a vaccine if it means it’s something I don’t have to worry about.

Currently, the only folks eligible for the vaccine in America are men engaging in gay sex.

I wonder what the verification process is?

I read that here in Chicago they opened a pop-up vaccination site at the bath house in Boystown & the turnout was pretty brisk.

NYC declares “imminent threat to public health for monkeypox virus”. Last week they reassigned a doctor at the health system who disagreed on the NYTimes with the department’s tepid response as they wrestle with repeating the AIDS stigma.

Dr. Weiss, who has held the same job for 22 years, investigating and responding to new outbreaks for the Bureau of Communicable Disease, said he felt obliged to speak out publicly because he felt the department’s public statements were at times irresponsible. He pointed to the news release issued on Friday containing several prevention tips for “those who choose to have sex while sick.”

It stated that covering up monkeypox sores with clothes or bandages while having sex “may help reduce — but not eliminate” the risk of transmission. The release also said “for those who choose to have sex while sick, it is best to avoid kissing and other face-to-face contact.”

Doesn’t seem to be enough vaccine. They released 800,000 doses, and only 2 M total. The factory that makes it is being renovated or something. CNN says they already delivered 300k doses so that makes 1.1 M doses for 1.5 M gay men.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 1.5 million men who have sex with men are currently eligible to receive the monkeypox vaccine

HHS anticipates making around 1.9 million doses available in 2022 with an additional 2.2 million doses made available in the first half of 2023.

They should have posted more pics of people’s junk with open sores, that would have gotten people to take it seriously.

Or maybe just…don’t do that?

Yeah that’s the point, to highlight the absurdity of the response

I bet Saran Wrap would work.