2024 Downballot Election Extravaganza!

I guess we should have this thread, if only to discuss this chestnut.

No, Nancy, just no. You’ve done an admirable job, but it’s time for you to pass the mantle.

83 years old. Older than McConnell and Biden. Just give up power already, you vampires!

It’s time to quit, but it’s not like she’s still speaker. Is she even on any committees now? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeffries wanted her around in case he needs to call in a hit on a uncooperative member.

But if she wins in 2024 (and really she’d have to try to lose the 11th district in CA) and Dems somehow take back the House, will she be an 84-year-old Speaker of the House?

I think she’s committed to voting for Jeffries for leader. But then, I thought she was gonna retire. So who knows.

I should have said leader, not speaker as, yeah, no democrat can be speaker now.

She has passed the torch of that role to Jeffries already. She’s just running for her district.

I flicked the TV on again and forgot that I had mistakenly turned to NBC news earlier. The evening news has whoever the anchor is interviewing Chuck Todd about how old Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are. The guy said “by the time her term is over she’ll be almost 90” and draws comparisons to Feinstein.

An anchor on a major network nightly news does not know the difference between the length of senate and house terms, and the network’s #1 political reporter doesn’t correct him.

God help us all.

Honestly, I’m fine with pelosi continuing to be a congresswoman.

No, I don’t think the term lengths are relevant here.

It’s the Nielsen ratings which apply in this case.

Even if she’s competent and qualified, there’s an opportunity cost: Current younger prospects for office get that much less experience with campaigning and holding office. Congress continues to run that much more like it has for the last several decades which is not great. And Pelosi and her husband (already millionaires) get to continue making those fortuitous stock trades on her inside information that she has basically said she’s entitled to.

Pelosi is keeping the seat warm for her daughter, who she plans to gift it too. Her Daughter is Feinstein’s keeper right now, so she can’t run. Pelosi prob retires in 2026.

I’ve read that speculation, too. Seems plausible. So we have Pelosi’s cronyism keeping Feinstein in her role to protect it for Adam Schiff and keeping her own seat for her daughter, who is propping up Feinstein. I know and agree there are bigger anti-democracy fish to fry, but wish at least a few Democrats (besides Ro Khanna I guess?) would at least attempt to shame these shameless people.

No, we have the Republican promise to not fill her seat on the judiciary committee - meaning no more judicial nominations if she retires - keeping Feinstein in her role. Anyone who wants to lay blame should look further upstream.

Well, if a Dem tried, they’d be buried harder than Jeff Jackson was in 2020 in favor of Cal Cunningham.

And I agree, if Feinstein could retire without giving up judges (Schumer screwed up again on that one), She’d retire, and Pelosi would install her daughter in her district or die trying.

I think I missed something. Can you please bring me up to date?

In 2020 Jeff Jackson also wanted to run for Senate, like he did in 2022.

He wanted a strategy that was more GOTV and traveling to rural counties, and less spending all day fundraising

Schumer wanted the money, and the uninspiring Cunningham. He told Jackson you try to run we’ll end you. Jackson bowed out. This was before any COVID lockdowns, though Jackson did eventually say that he would have done socially distanced outdoor events with masks in 2020.

Jackson might not have won in 2020, but he would have done better than Cunningham, who was awful even before the scandal.


Well, it’s a counterfactual, so who knows? But all the incumbents won in statewide races in NC in 2020.

Mitt Romney announces he isn’t going to run for reelection in 2024. So, open seat, but it’s Utah.

Don’t know what thread to put this in, but Lauren Boebert got kicked out of Beetlejuice the musical in Denver for… well, being an asshole.