2024 Video Game Frame Game -- Wild guesses welcome!

A wild weapon payload appears…

I’m not really well versed in mecha games… ;)

Well, what can I say…there’s soo many of… There’s only a handful of them on PC and Switch, and this one here (as can be plainly seen) is notorious for its terrible dialogues (fully voiced, though…).

Come on, guess. It’s almost like rolling 1D4.

I searched on Google to find which game it was, so I can’t guess anymore. But anyone else is welcome to try! ;)

I can guess what it’s not, and it’s not the boring Daimon Ex Machina, nor my personal favourite Project Nimbus.

Was there a recent Zone of the Enders? That’s the only title I can think of at the moment, but I’m probably dating myself.

If you mean Daemon X Machina, are you sure?

Yeah, it really was to me. The map really felt contrived, as if playing Virtual On instead of Armored Core, and the objectives were so tedious. I didn’t like the progression system, nor the intrusive and utterly contrived small and smack talk being thrown around. The mechs themselves felt to not have much weight, nor did any of the player’s actions. Really a disappointment.

But Project Nimbus is much simpler and cooler! (and often discounted at 2 bucks or something!)

Now, see, this is awkward.

Despite claims to the contrary, this is Daemon X Machina. Admittingly, it’s the PC version, but the point still stands.

Which makes this unsolved.

Which means I need to cook up another batch of screenshots.

Back after the break, gimme 10 here.

Wait, that means Left Empty won, right? Doesn’t him saying it’s not that game make it an official guess?

I’m unsure of the rules regarding this - I mean, he explicitly stated it’s not DXM, and doubled down on that. Maybe Nightgaunt can weigh in on that, but the spirit of the rules assumes a correct guess.

He didn’t really double down on it. Rhamorim said are you sure, meaning are you sure it’s not that game? Which Left Empty took to mean “are you sure it’s boring?” And Left Empty doubled down on the fact he found the game boring.

I think @Left_Empty knew the game and named it and to me that’s a win, even if they didn’t think it was the right answer. Along with wild guesses, we also allow anti-guesses!

No skin off my nose, really. I’m not particularly keen on dragging this out further (though I do have a lovingly obscure screenshot at hand…eh, I’ll put that in the indie games thread instead).

So, unless someone else declares it an unacceptable breach of protocol, I hereby hand the reins over to Left Empty.

I think Left Empty won. And also lost. :D

I want that engraved on something at the place I will be resting!

Wow, the game looks so different on PC. The Switch one looks cheaply celshaded, has barely any shadows, is of course blurry, got colour filters plastered upon the rendering like a first gen crossbox game.
The lack of shadows changes the visual identity so much already.

I’ll find something very easy.

Distant Worlds?


Freespace 2?