2024 Video Game Frame Game -- Wild guesses welcome!

It’s another year for the Video Game Frame Game! Here’s how it works:

  1. If you’re the winner of the last round, you take a screenshot from a game. Old, new, popular, obscure–any game is good! It’s okay if the game has already been done–your screen is probably new! You can get a shot from online, but if it’s from your own playthrough, that makes it extra special.

  2. You post the screenshot with only a few bits revealed. There are lots of ways to cover and reveal your screenshot–do it however is easiest, or get creative! (We should really make an instructional post for this. Does anyone remember if one was posted in the past?)

  3. Give everyone roughly a day to make guesses. ONE GUESS PER PLAYER, PER REVEAL.

  4. If no one posts a correct guess, post the screenshot again with more revealed.

  5. Keep going until there’s a correct guess! The winner posts the next screenshot. If no one is able to guess your game, you “lose.” You went too obscure! Your punishment is that you have to pick another game and post another screenshot.

If you think you’re no good at the game, play anyway! No harm in a wild guess! You’ll be surprised how often a wild guess can be right.

You can find past choices here, for posterity:

Here we goooooo!

First frame of 2024('s thread)!

Baba is You?

Good guess, but no!


Not Highfleet!

A little more:

I’ll take a wild guess and say that’s Moonring.

Wild and correct! It is Moonring! A free, modernized Ultima-style game that came out this year:

Nice guess, Thorne. You’re up!

That game has gotten really good reviews, I need to find time for it somehow.

Laugh as you may, I recognized Moonring due to the weird font it uses in the UI.

And without further ado, here’s my first contribution to the thread in 2024. Come on, take a wild guess…

Honkai Starrail?

No. I have a strict no gacha policy in everything I do. ;)

@Nightgaunt Could you please edit in a link to the cheat code thread to the first post?

Despite the last reply being in 2018, the first post is regularly updated. e.g. @wavey updated it 24th Nov

As for the image: I have no idea what the new one is, but I knew Moonring :(

Oh wow, I had no idea anyone was still updating it. Thanks, @wavey!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t right but it’s the only thing I can think of: Valkyria Chronicles 4?

TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children?

Not at all, but that one looks kinda interesting. Thanks for the name drop, I’ll have a look.
In the meantime, have a bit more of the screenshot:

Ha, cheers - I usually check the list before posting a screen, and got in the habit of bringing it up to date whenever it was my turn. We’re now only 18 frames away from the big 1500!

It is! If you want more info, there’s this review on Youtube that I think is pretty comprehensive.