3 reasons Helldivers is too hardcore for you

Title 3 reasons Helldivers is too hardcore for you
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When May 15, 2014

At first glance, Helldivers seems to have a certain simplicity to it. Four guys running around shooting aliens, doing dynamic missions on procedurally generated maps. Space Diablo, but instead of classes, you get unlockable weapons, perks, and special powers..

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That last part about reloading being faster with a round in the chamber makes perfect sense and it's got to be the first time I see it in a game. Whenever you load an empty gun, you have to cock it manually to fire the first round, which you would not need to do with a round in the chamber since firing that round would automatically re-cock the mechanism. Its clever, realistic and gameplay relevant!

Interesting. It's an ARPG, right? How does it handle character development?

Planetside 2 employs the same split reload timing utilizing similar logic. It gets a bit fuzzy though when considering the Vanu (energy) weapons.

You don't really develop your character per se. Instead you unlock weapons, perks, and special powers called "stratagems". Your character at any given time is just your choice of these things. A level 20 character is only better than a level 10 character because there are more options to choose from.

So it's basically just Dawn of War II's The Last Stand game mode? Fair enough.

Are you playing this on a PS4 Tom? Are you going to get a PS4 when it launches for reals?

Wish it was hardcore enough to eschew unlock bullshit.

There are procedurally generated maps, dynamic missions, and an ongoing online metacampaign in Last Stand?

I seriously doubt this is a game that will drive people to get a PS4. I suspect it'll be just fine on a PS3. :)

So... it's Alien Swarm?

That's actually a much better comparison than the Last Stand mode in Dawn of War. Did Alien Swarm have friendly fire? I don't recall having to be so careful in that game, but it might have been because I wasn't so careful in that game.

It did have Friendly Fire, but it depended on the difficulty.
On Normal it was reduced (I think 50%?), on Easy it was even lower.
But on the higher difficulties, FF could be a definite problem.

Call of Duty got this right since the first iteration. If you reload with rounds still left, reload time is quicker because you don't go through the cocking animation. They didn't cover the magazine / vs bullet count issue though (IIRC Operation: Flashpoint did?)

What are the romance options?

Original Diablo had damage from friendly fire, don't even think it was optional.

In the character loadouts?

Can't play it for more than 15 minutes before the friendly fire foolishness becomes unbearable.