360 College Tour

Thanks to the above mentioned tour, I got a chance to play the demos of a couple of upcoming games on the 360.

Eragon: It has the feel of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance mixed with God of War, at least as far as the combat goes. I have no idea what the story was like, the music they had blaring drowned out any sound effects/plot.

Looked decent graphically, it has drop-in co-op and levels where you fly on a dragon. Did not have a chance to play the flying levels, but they looked interesting.

The combat was enjoyable for me. You have two melee attack buttons, a block/roll button, a bow attack, and some magic. The response of the controls was very smooth and crisp. Going from melee to the bow and back was easy. I really liked the grappling moves, they were very satisfying.

Rainbow 6 Vegas: Looked gorgeous. If you’ve played Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior, the controls are almost identical. The team mate ai seemed smarter than the ai in GRAW.

The demo level was pretty much just a straight forward find the bad guys and kill them, so no idea on how the hostage rescue side of things will work.

You definitely know when you’ve been shot, or shot at, in the game. You get a sort of ‘tunnel vision’ effect, and it is much harder to see/aim your shots accurately.

I like the way they did taking cover this time around. when you are near an object you hold in the left trigger, this puts you against the object. Pull back on the stick and you are moving normally again. You can aimed fire from cover, or just blind-fire.

Other games: They had Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Need for Speed Carbon, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, NBA live 07, and Fear as well. The Fear demo was the same at the XBL download.

Did not have as much time as I would have liked to check all the games out, owing to class and the number of people that were there. It was a good time while it lasted.

thansk for the tidbits on Vegas… any impressions on splinter cell? That shit hits next week! (time to sell saints row, too slow on the patch volition)

I only watched Splinter Cell a little bit. I’ve never played any of the series, so I’m not too hyped on it. A friend who played it thought Sam moved a bit too slowly. It appears to have a lot of recoil on the weapons, he said it took a whole clip to drop someone because it jumped around so much. It looks good visually. I wish I could say something about the sound, but any sound was pretty much overwhelmed by the announcer guy and music.