360 save game issue, looking for ideas

Hi everyone,

My old 360 started having issues (its almost a decade old, so served well) so before it totally died I bought a new 500gb 360. Used the MS transfer cable and it copied everything from the old 360 to the new one fine. This included Tales of Vesperia save games. I then proceeded to download Tales of Vesperia onto the next 360 as I didnt have it on the old one.

The game loads fine but it can’t see the save games. Though I can see them when I use the storage browser. Any idea what maybe going on? Since Tales is one of those 100 hour type games I am not keen on starting again so looking for a solution.

I suspect it maybe a region issue? Though I didn’t think the save games would be region locked. The broken 360 I bought in HK and the original game DvD was from the USA and worked fine. But now the game DVD won’t load on the AU 360 as it says its region locked. Can this extend to save games?

Thanks in advance.

Region or settings do vary widely on a game to game basis on the 360. I remember there were certain Japanese games that would only allow me to “move” my save game from one save location to another instead of being able to “copy” like most games. While others were set to not be moved or copied, only saved to the original location. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there were also region shenanigans going on as well. But I don’t have any solid info. I never did play much Tales of Vesperia. Only got about 2 hours into it.