$375M bet by SoftBank on disrupting pizza...

…in the form of Zume was run by Alex Garden.


Who gamers will know from Relic Entertainment (Homeworld) and Distinctive Software (Test Drive series, Accolade)

By “bet” I mean “lost”

Even so, what does this really have to do with gaming?

Masa loves to piss money away. Can’t figure out how he’s still in charge after Wework. My guess is its intent is an instrument for Saudi Arabia to launder money and covertly bribe people.

Sorry this should have been in Everything Else.

Surprised Relic sold for only $10M

This is all part of Vision Fund, not part of Softbank proper - so it’s mostly other people’s money, not Softbank. It can go to 0 value and Son will still be fine.

Well sure, I said it’s the Saudis’ money, but it’s still him making the bad bets.

Whenever I hear the phrase “mobile ovens,” I don’t exactly think of pizza.

He’s made some amazing bets in the past. It’s really hard to cut through all of the drama around Son, because he likes to come across that way. No one wins big like he has without also failing spectacularly, at times.

Only time will tell if he comes out a major winner, overall, or if the losses will outweigh the big wins.