3x3: avalanches

We discuss our favorite avalanches in movies at the 1:25 mark of the Qt3 Movie Podcast of Jason Bourne.

Tom Chick
3. Devil’s Pass
2. xXx

  1. Force Majeur

3. Deep Blue Sea
2. Idiocracy

  1. Force Majeur

Kelly Wand
3. Avalanche
2. The Nude Bomb

  1. xXx

What are your favorite avalanches in movies? Listen to the show to hear us talk about ours, and to hear Kelly read some listener picks.

Send in your choices for next week’s topic to [email protected].

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, when Blofeld captures Tracy (the amazingly beautiful Diana Rigg) by triggering an avalanche

@tomchick it’s Tobias Wolff who wrote Bullet in the Brain. The guy in the story who gets the bullet is a book critic, which always makes me laugh. Wolff is one of my favorites.

What!? No Lavalantula?

Or Avalanche Sharks?

Trust me. A healthy discussion of this film ensued late in the podcast, thanks to a suggestion by @fire.