4 years in Persona 4: Social Links in full bloom (2013-2014)

Title 4 years in Persona 4: Social Links in full bloom (2013-2014)
Author Aaron Vaughn
Posted in Game diaries
When April 15, 2014

I'd been at Persona 4 for three years. Playing any kind of game for that long requires a different approach than what committing regular hours to it asks of someone..

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"in it’s [sic] last moments"
"in it’s [sic] last battle"

Also, is something fishy going on in this sentence? I don't get it:
"I’d just been laid off, and without a single came completed from Four in February to go with it."

according to several grammar sites, "its" is the correct possessive form, since "it's" is a contraction of "it is" - i'll be leaving those as-it's (i hate me too)

looks like you caught me between edits on that sentence, though. will cobble back into shape, thanks!

(I think someone already made the corrections; they were originally "it's".)

well how about that - good eye nonetheless. your copy editing is always welcomed by me