40+ Ubi games coming to steam, including assassins creed!

UK VERSION: 0 Ubi games coming to steam!


Looking over their catalog, I’m hoping for: Beyond Good & Evil, Crimson Skies, Midtown Madness, and Richard Burns Rally. (I think that list includes some titles that they weren’t the NA distributor for, though…)

Pretty sure Crimson Skies and Midtown Madness were both Microsoft.

Those both were published by MS Games.

Anyone have a list of what 40 games this entails? That moby games list had 235 titles, including some that aren’t even ubisoft titles.

Yeah, I’m sure a bunch of them are ones that Ubi was only responsible for distributing in certain regions (wasn’t sure about the MS ones). This is probably much closer to what will most likely be the 40 we’ll see.

Nice. there are totally some gems in there I’d buy at bargain-bin prices.

Just be careful you don’t accidentally click on Beowulf while doing so.


Not sure they’ll be among the Steam offerings, but did the PC versions of RE4 and DMC3 ever get patched into a decent state?

I wonder how a game like Madden would sell on Steam. Alas, Madden on the PC is no more, so I guess we’ll never know.

I didn’t even know they still made Madden on the pc.

Wow, I had totally missed this news.

Good going, EA, you just lost a sale.


Just buy the old maddens they are all the same anyway.

That’s a common complaint but it’s not really true. Year N+1 might not seem like that much better than Year N, but Year N+2 is noticeably better than Year N.


Anyone who’s pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed on Steam know if we can pre-load it? I’m still debating the purchase, since the game received mixed reviews and Mass Effect is around the corner.

SC: Chaos Theory with Starforce stripped out = sale!

Not yet. its still say not available yet. Hopefully some sort of preloading will happen.

I noticed today that we can preload and I’m doing so right now.

I noted it said you had to have a dual core minimum to play it so no sale.