9/11 2001

A day for reflection. So I went back in time to the old board and found some threads people here might want to revisit. I did this instead of working, like I should be doing right now. Anyway, Quarter to Three, one year ago, in handy time capsule format.


How Did You Hear?

I remember that a year ago, there was a sensationalist report in the major media that some video company was cynically attempting to profit on the tragedy by releasing a game called “World Trade Tower Defender” where you had to shoot down planes that were approaching the towers ala Missile Command. All it took was a simple web search to discover that the reporter who wrote that such a game existed was a lying sack of shit. The media can really blow sometimes, the way they love to beat on dead horses like “video games are evil, and to blame for everything.”

But you see, my friend, you’re missing the biggest point:

The media, and all other outlets, would not be allowed to do what they do if the people truly cared. People watch the news and allow it to be so stupid because they need to fill their lives with useless, pitiful drama. People -hear- bad music because they need something to use as background music, they don’t really listen to it. People -let- themselves get shafted by cable companies because they’re too lazy to do anything about it.

It’s all a never-ending cycle. Sure, it would be nice if the people who run the news, the entertainment industries, the corrupt companies, and all the rest would turn around and be good people. But it won’t happen. So the blame comes right down to us, and nobody else.