A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower (GAME IS NOW OVER)

I actually have no idea what is true and what isn’t. It’s hard for me to make sense of the info that is public. I know that Dave was wrong so is either evil or was poisoned. I know that either rowe33 was evil or poisoned or that Lantz is evil or that jostly is evil, which would mean that Casey is evil or there’s a drunk. I’m going to abstain until there’s more certainty.

So we need a vote from @Juan_Raigada and a decision on voting from @rowe33.

No for me as it looks like it doesn’t matter anyways.

I either missed this post earlier or it didn’t register.
I knew the ravenskeeper was either scott or knight, and tried to get confirmation from both with vague verbiage, probably over protecting the ability of the character for later. Scott outright told me and knight didn’t get the character I was implying, which makes me believe he didn’t chance into the right answer. Also because knight never claimed the role.

I vote NO for obvious reasons

If I am allowed to nominate another person today (which I doubt), I would nominate @Knightsaber.

You (in particular) would really not want to do that.

p.s. This is why.

You can’t nominate twice in a day, but you can ask another player to nominate someone.

I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I am happy to hear your explanation.

Okay thx!

Also, I think from the rules that Dead Men neither Wear Plaid nor Make Nominations?

I will tell you, then, I assume everyone else knows. I am the Monk and I agreed with others to guard you tonight in case you actually are the Undertaker. I’m reasonably sure outing myself in public will have killed me, so you win either way.

Okay, then I withdraw my request to have someone nominate you. Thanks!

So if you’re to be trusted, then we have to figure out where the issue is in @jostly’s logic.

Each living player may make only one nomination each day.

Dead players cannot nominate.

Before rendering a final verdict, I believe I still need a vote from @CaseyRobinson

Or, we’ve just killed someone else.

D’oh! You’re right, sorry.

We can still whisper, yeah?

Not while the voting is happening (and it is currently happening)