A Forum Game of Blood on the Clocktower (GAME IS NOW OVER)


I can still rant and rave in public though.

Once this vote ends, I would like to nominate @jostly. I am not sure the protocol on who gets to go order wise if we have multiple people who want to nominate.

My thought is that if Jostly is the recluse, killing him off isn’t a huge problem, and if he is not then there could be value in killing him.

@Lantz @scottagibson

Now that I’m all public and a damn Imp target, do I keep my guard on Dave or move it quietly? I can’t target myself, and now I’m a little bit mad.

I think we can chat / whisper again after Casey registers his vote? Before we move to the next nomination?

I don’t know, maybe? I mean, I’m not going to name a target out loud, at least.

Sign language? Morse code?

@Lodgium is this a thing we can do?

There’s technically a short window between nominations to whisper, but be wary of getting cut off. I will generally try to call for votes as soon as a nominee provides their defense.

drops head on keyboard


No… but I think this was moot?

Thanks for this Perky.

I’m more interested in the “ why Matt, not lantz “ question.

I honestly don’t know. I jumped on the train because I guessed the people in the Big Whisper group knew more than I did. They probably still do.

Generally, it’s first come first served for nominations. I’ll go ahead and run with this one after I process the result of the first vote, but my hope is that we don’t have serial escalation of preemptive nominations as time goes on.

YES Votes for the execution of @Juan_Raigada: 2

2 does not meet the threshold of 4, @Juan_Raigada is safe today.

@Lantz has nominated @jostly for execution.

@jostly, do you have anything to say in your defense?

Lantz whispers to Knightsaber.

We get arguments for as well, right?

You can all keep yelling at discussing with each other in-thread for as long as you like

I would like to add my for argument:

Jostly seems like a reasonable person to execute because we need to try and narrow down if the Casey/Jostly pair is legitimate outsiders. Casey has declared a role that is very risky for us to go after, so Jostly seems like the best course of action since a report on his role, while potentially obfuscating, can hopefully provide a little insight into what is going on. Exactly how depends on what information people trust.