A meta thread for video streaming services - Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO, Warner, Prime, AppleTV, etc


I wonder how many accounts Netflix retains purely because they’re shared with other people? That would be a fascinating metric.


Heh. Yeah, my parents used to use my account. That was the biggest reason I never unsubscribed during that time, even when I didn’t use it for months, and even when my parents didn’t use it for months. It was there as an option for them, in case they wanted to use it.

Then one thanksgiving my brother logged in with his account instead because he wanted access to his list (at my parents’ place). And then I was free to unsubscribe.

Honestly, when I’m on Netflix, it’s still hard to let go. When you don’t have it for months, you build a whole bunch of things you want to watch. So when I got it in September again, I kept it in October, and I kept it in November, and I still wasn’t even half way through the things that I had pent up interest in. But I decided to stop it, and once you don’t have it, then you don’t miss it much at first. You have Hulu or Game Pass or CBS or whatever else, and you’re busy with that stuff. But I’m sure a few months from now I’ll be craving Netflix again after I start running into praise here in the Netflix thread about something or another.

The nice thing is that when you come back to it, you forget all about your complaints about a lack of movies. There’s so much you want to catch up on in Netflix Originals alone, that you don’t mind that they don’t have many of the movies you wanted to see.


Daria is on Hulu. Not in HD though.


Nor with the original licensed music, for the most part, IIRC. They changed a ton of it when they started rereleasing it on DVD and subsequent platforms (including streaming), since the original agreements made via MTV had long since expired.


Feh, I’m okay with that. I’m there for the content. Love that show.


I mean don’t get me wrong, the show is still fuckin’ awesome. But for me, at least, part of the experience was inextricably tied up in the sounds of a certain era. Probably because I was a teenager for a chunk of it and that stuff, LIKE, MATTERED MANNNN (point of order: I’ve never been high).

It’s a great show. With the music, it’s also a great. . . time capsule? Anchor point to my lost youth? Dunno. It was something more than it is now. For me, at least.


So the DVD set doesn’t have the music either?


AFAIK, the best thing that exists are some bootleg online videos where people overlayed audio from old VHS recordings over the laserdisc transfers for video.


Wow, that’s nuts. Hopefully they can get that sorted out.


Not unusual. The studio has to pay to license the music for the DVD separate from the broadcast.

Keen Eddie was a lot like that. It had an amazing British rock soundtrack when it aired on Fox. All of the licensed music was stripped-out on the DVD and replaced.


Yeah, I’ve seen it before, with sets fro SNL and WKRP where they couldn’t even make them until they got the music properly licensed.


Hell, House didn’t even have its amazing Massive Attack opening track when it was on Netflix. That’s just fuckin’ criminal. “Teardrop” is pure musical fuckin bliss.


When Netflix got The Wonder Years they managed to retain all the original music except the Joe Cocker version of the opening song, which managed to sap all my interest in a rewatch…


Hulu just got it. Checking now, it’s the right song, but my brain thinks it’s too slow.


So once Big Bang and Elementary finish this year, this brings me to zero shows being watched from CBS. Once Black List is gone, it’s still on… right?, NBC goes too. I haven’t watched anything Fox has to offer for years. I think the only shows I added are from Netflix and that’s because a friend of mine shares with me. I tried to give her money because the price went up but I gotta feeling she’s going to wind up giving it back to me, slowly.

My TV watching, as in Television shows, is probably the lowest it has ever been. I am now more likely to watch a movie I enjoyed and have already seen than pick up a new show.

Once the networks peel off with their own offerings, including Disney, I’ll just exit the scene even more.


But The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC!

But yeah, broadcast networks are pretty pathetic these days. It’s amazing how terrible they have been at keeping up with cable and streaming networks.


I get by with Netflix and Prime so far. Never know what the future will hold.


The only reasons to watch NBC!


What is up with NBC’s streaming service? My wife wanted to watch The Good Place. The episodes are locked now and you need to either link your profile to a cable account or use one of 3 free tokens. There isn’t a way to buy more tokens, so you can’t even watch the entire season. Did they get some kickback from the cable companies so people can’t watch all of the episodes without cable anymore?


Turns out this happened a lot quicker than I was expecting, namely today.