A meta thread for video streaming services - Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO, Warner, Prime, AppleTV, etc

I suppose it’s a pretty good gamble for $10, considering. I’m kind of surprised they’re not advertising it as 16 months of Paramout+ though as a launch discount. Why promote the service you’re discontinuing?

Edit: Although looking at it, calling it a “promotion” is probably incorrect - more of a backdoor side benefit.

Yeah, I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what Sportsline is from the website, but it seems like a legal gambling site. So I think they plan to make money off people through that gambling maybe.

Yeah, Sportsline is a total unknown to me, which makes me pretty hesitant to give them any info.

Wow, this rocks. Setup was a charm. I can finally catch up on all the various Star Trek stuff.

Thinking of switching to Sling TV (Blue - 3 devices), anyone use it?

When it says $35 a month, is that the final price or are there taxes and misc other fees?

Currently paying $86 a month for Dish Network and 3 receivers.

Lucky right now if I have time for more than 10hrs of tv a month.

There’s tax, no additional fees on top of that. I’ve subscribed a couple of times; the most recent was in November to try and watch college football. It was mostly fine? I’m not big on the interface and there were a couple times that it lagged out (hardwired to the TV) through the Roku app or forgot where I was in a program if I stopped watching part-way through.

Their DVR service was horribly unusable at the time - only 10 hours unless you ponied up for additional storage. They’ve upped it to 50 hours as of this Wednesday. It’s tied to a price hike of $5/mo so effectively you’re getting the paid upgrade included for free now. Decent of them if they had to increase the price due to their broadcast costs.

For $35 I’d say try it out for a month and see what you think. I assume you’ve done your research and landed on Sling Blue because it best fits your needs. If not, take a look at something like Philo. It’s got a nice spread of channels for $20/mo. Even with the price hike YouTube TV is the best streaming service, but at $65/mo it’s not much less than you’re paying for Dish.

Yeah the Sling Blue pack has all the channels I wanted and I can tack on Hallmark’s channels for $6 extra, still keeping my bill under $50 with taxes I am guessing. Never heard of Philo, will do more research.

Hmm seems I will lose the weather channel on just about every package I am coming across. Gonna miss my highway winter tow/recovery shows. :|

FuboTV looks like it’s too expensive. Check out the link though, there’s a service called frndly that’s fairly cheap, and it has weather channel and hallmark channel and some others. Maybe Sling Blue + frndly is your best option?

Yeah that might way to go.

Decided to get a new 4k fire stick, as I am still on a Gen2 device that is a bit slow. Should be here sunday.

Aw man, there was going to be a Star Fox show? That could have been rad.

As per the post I’m replying to, it looks like TVision (the Live TV service from T-mobile) is still the same price as when it launched. So $40 a month is not a bad price. Australian Open starts in less than 2 weeks, I think I might try out TVision this time. After that the only one left to try will be FuboTV, which I still haven’t tried out.

Edit: Huh, nevermind, I can’t find any way to sign up for the service. I guess it’s for T-mobile users only.

I’m thinking about trying HBOMax for the first time, any deals I should be aware of?

They have the prepay 6 month thing and save 20% through the end of the month I believe. It seemed simple enough to spend my theater ticket money for some movies.

That’s easy enough then, thanks! And yes, looking at it as a replacement for going to the movies is a good way to justify dropping a few bucks on it. Goodness knows, a person has to find entertainment where they can these days!

This was so weird.

Okay, that is exceedingly strange.

More Reba!

Heh. Yeah, nothing on that service appeals to me. But it seemed perfect for what @lordkosc was asking for. Lordkosc, did you end up trying frndly?