A meta thread for video streaming services - Netflix, Hulu, Disney, HBO, Warner, Prime, AppleTV, etc

I looked it over and decided to just get the Hallmark package added to Sling Tv Blue for $6 extra. With taxes, it is less than half of what I was paying for Satellite tv with Dish.

Haven’t had time to watch the new stations yet, hopefully cheddar is a station focused on talking about delicious cheese.

The weather channel is very disappointed in you.

I know! But I’ve seen every season of Ice Road Truckers and enough years worth of 411 heavy rescue that I can live without it. :P

It’s more of a situation where the TV is on in the background and I am listening more than watching. So again no big loss.

They would have to PAY ME to have that package on my TV, and even then, I’d be afraid it would poison other nearby devices.

OMG you guys. Peacock has the entirety of Exo Squad. All of it. Before you could only get season one, which had thirteen episodes, but now Peacock has both seasons for fifty-two episodes! This is SO EXCITING, as the second season of this show hasn’t been available for years now! Yay!

Exo Squad is…?

An extremely awesome cartoon that was cut too short.

Yes, this. high five

I’m glad y’all like it but I could use a little more detail than “it’s awesome and animated”.

The kids today don’t know how awesome they have it. Kids of yesteryears, us, just wake up one day and our darn show is gone… forever, or just put somewhere that cannot be found because mom and dad were too cheap to buy TV Guide… which wasn’t always right anyway.

It’s like the best of the mech shows combing with GI Joe while exploring the nature of artificial life and humanity like screwing that up in a cartoon form that also manages to bring in some lite 4x elements because there are resources, factions that are allies, and then they’re not, and somehow they managed to get a hugely diverse cast of humans, plus that artificial human group mentioned above, except all the characters are memorably awesome all while throwing in wars and battles that didn’t get into the cheese of Power Rangers and such. The characters had some real depth to them as did the themes they explored.

It always had this overall threat and problem going on with these zoomed in stuff… it seemed really complex with some depth that doesn’t seem that common anymore, nor was it that common then I guess.

It’s really unique.

Yeah it was super dark and mature for its time, and it’s still awesome.

This might also help. Cartoon came out at a time of real change in American cartoons, with Batman and Gargoyles showing that more mature cartoons were not only viable, but could be successful (the 90s was an AMAZING decade for American cartoons. Amazing). This one was sadly canceled because a propsed crossover with the Robotech folks never materialized, which would have been amazing. On its own it’s an amazing cartoon that has an actual beginning, middle and end, but of course we wanted more because it was SO FUCKING GOOD.

For YEARS, decades even, only the first season, comprised of thirteen episodes, was widely available on either DVD or streaming platforms. That the second season, with 39 episodes, is now available, is a wonderful for fans like Nesrie and I. :)

Sounds cool, thanks.

I honestly haven’t looked at Peacock since I watched the Psych Movie. I only have the Peacock Box from Comcast. Can you watch it through an App as well?

I was just gonna watch via the website.

Yes. Once you’ve registered an account through the comcast box, you can login from any Peacock app.

So can I root for the Neosapiens who were bred to be slaves and have revolted? That sounds like a dick move from the Earthers. They deserve to lose for that, just like the South in the Civil War. Or are the Neosapiens the bad guys?

Shrruugggg? You’ll just have to watch.

So Rifftrax is launching a streaming service.


Once they add a FireTV app, we’re in.