A new Ghostbusters game?

So, could this be real :

A new next-gen Ghotsbusters games ? By ZootFly, authors of Panzer Elite Actions : Dunes of War ?

There’s even an artwork inside this pdf doc (with mention of a Painkiller 2) :

I would love a new Ghosbusters game on my 360, how long since the Genesis episode ?

Extensive research regarding the PDF document indicates that “Hvala” is Croation for “Thank you”.

Thank you.

Edit: And I leave interpretation of the constantly repeated term “100 mrd USD” to you.

That would be awesome.

Yikes, the Ecto-1’s been turned into a Chrysler 300 wagon. Does this mean there’s a “Ghostbuster 3” movie in our future?

I’m also curious about that Foreign Legion game. Did the French bomb the Statue of Liberty in retaliation for the US bombing of Paris, or vice-versa?

The video made the game itself look just awful to play… hmmm.

It’s just a prototype, I doubt they’ve designed much at this point.

I thought it looked crazy awesome, but I liked ghostbusters way to much as a kid.

The Proton Guns are only half of the equation though; after you’ve subdued a ghost you need to toss out one of those containment devices and trap it. I’m guessing the video was just some kind of concept demo of what modern Proton Guns might be like.

The proton gun looks pretty nice in the video above. Ghost Hunter tried to channel the Ghostbusters vibe on the PS2 a few years ago - it was underwhelming.

Somewhere else (slashdot?) was a link to a guy on youtube showing how he beat the old c64 Ghostbusters game, many years later. I remember playing this one back in the day and it was really, really difficult. The video shows how painful it was to get the little pixel ghostbuster between the legs of the jumping Marshmallow man, and then in the comments there’s a line about it being, much much easier to simply run up parallel to the big guy, and then just juke right when he moves right. I never, ever thought of that as a kid, and in retrospect, it seems perfectly simple.

I’d blind buy that.

After playing ELEBITS. I’d say it’s a natural for the Wii.

(Yipes! did you check out the burn victim CG Venkman on YouTube. Don’t be afraid of wrinkles, people!)

I remember playing the ghostbusters games for the nes. The first one was hard I could never beat the final part. The 2nd one I did manage to beat a few times.

So, the game exists, but according to its developers, it is “on hold” due to licensing issues :