A Plague Tale: Innocence (2019)

Launches Tomorrow!

Decent reviews for this , holding 80 on the average.

Tom ended up streaming this for 2 hours, it indeed is something I will be getting eventually.

@tomchick I’d love to see a review since you seem to really have enjoyed this game so far.

Also this RPS video was good:

Ack its from May 10th, heh, still good.

Played through the first 3 chapters so far, it’s pretty good. The game is downright gorgeous and I’m liking Amicia and Hugo. Love the setting and atmosphere, and you can turn off all the on-screen icons for more immersion.

I was wondering about that. I watched part of Tom’s stream the other night, and I found that pretty distracting. Good to know. Thanks!

That video gave me chills!

So, anyone bought the game? I’m reading very positive impressions of the game in other places, but nothing here!

Tom really enjoyed his 2 hours with it the other night. And its on my to buy list. :)

I forget if @Jason_McMaster bought or not. I don’t have time to check out his twitch replays right now.

Got it as a gift, but it might take a while until I actually play it.

Yeah, I bought it, and enjoyed it. The gameplay is pretty slight, but the character work is really good and carried the day.

I finished it up yesterday. The gameplay was pretty basic, but they kept it enjoyable throughout. I liked the characters a lot and the story was pretty good, though they left a couple things unexplained. Kept me entertained throughout its 13 hours though.

It’s a fun, well polished game with great graphics and voice acting. Fairly basic, which I like, kind of a God of War lite. The rats/light mechanism is cool, and taking out enemies’ lanterns with the slingshot never gets old. Don’t think it’s quite worth full price, but I think the developers need to have a win with this title.

Photo mode coming soon!


Picked this up for 25% off a week ago and love it. Beautiful game, somewhat simplistic gameplay mechanics, but that just promotes my enjoyment of sitting back and taking in its amazing visuals and interesting setting.

A demo has been added to Steam now.

I also recently picked this up during the 40% off sale at Humble, hope to give it a go over the week ahead.

Played the trial now on Xbox, and bought it right away. The gameplay seems basic, and stealth games are not normally my cup of tea, but the setting, graphics, voice acting and corresponding atmosphere are all top notch.

Finished this up the other day, it’s really good. A big surprise coming from Asobo, to think MS Flight Simulator is their followup game, what a weird studio. They got some good creatives they should embrace that more as opposed to all the mercenary/licensing work they do.